KWATT, The Coin to change the energy playing field Pt. 2

Going back to this Gem of a Coin that is steadily building momemtum and gaining attention world wide, wanted to breafily talk about some other aspects i found interesting topics that i think need to be read.

KWATT Coin — Its Mining Power

The most difficult part of the KWATT Coin design has been determining a model to correlate with the increase in mining difficulty. Its understood that one hash today can represent half of its mining power a month from now. To solve this issue, It was decided to have the coin represent a fraction of the total mining capacity of the 4NEW network rather than a fixed mathematical rate. This concept allows 4NEW to expand their mining capacity to match a competitive rate on the network. This rate of exponential expansion will be a predetermined reinvestment strategy of the funds recieved through 4NEW’s own mining portfolio, in addition to the profits from the other revenue streams. This model not only guarantees the longevity of free energy, but the longevity of competitive mining practices.

Portfolio Customization

Users will have the ability to decide which coins or coins they would like to put their KWATT Coin power towards to mine. The options will consist of the top twenty minable coins (like BTC,ETH,ETN etc.), this decision will automatically point the necessary amount of hash rate towards mining that coin, and the yield will be transacted to the account associated with your 4NEW Wallet.

Proof-of-Work / Proof-of-Stake

In recent months, Ethereum has taken steps towards a Proof of Stake system that will be fully implemented sometime in the following years. there will support these steps and understand that more efficient systems are necessary for the sustainability of cryptocurrency in the long term. Yet, also understand that Proof of Work will not likely be fully removed from cryptocurrency within the next decade. For this reason, additional precautionary steps must be taken to reduce the economic and environmental effects of the inefficiencies associated with Proof-of-Work mining, and our mission is to be on the vanguard of these efforts. Even if Proof of Work was completely removed and Bitcoin mining non-existent, the energy embodied within the coin can still be either applied to the Proof of Stake mining operations or the national grid, given severe energy shortfalls already prevalent within the world.

KWATT Coin Holder Interests aligned

Given that the Waste to Energy plant will sustain its operations at breakeven from revenue generated from the sale of waste collection services and byproducts, the energy produced is free. This lifetime supply of free energy is being purchased by the coin holder in this crowdsale. Any revenue generated from the administrative and facilitation fees the company will charge to either sell the energy to the national grid or apply it to the crypto-mining farm on behalf of the coin holders will allow for future growth and expansion strategy. Therefore, increasing the overall demand for the coin. With three plants, the total output capacity rises to roughly 1 billion kilowatts per annum. This will enable a market capitalization of the coin to rival most successful cryptocurrencies.

Check out the ICO going on now on their website :, As always dont take my word as any investing advise, do your own research and more research.

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