I’m Going to Live-stream Myself Completing “Free Code Camp”

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I’m going to be live-streaming myself completing “Free Code Camp” from October 1, 2018 to whenever I finish — 8 hours a day minimum, 6 days a week (Sundays and Holidays off).

I’ll be doing this via my YouTube Channel, “Watch Me Blog.” This might sound a little extreme, but I have been planning this project for a few weeks now, and I feel fully prepared.

How I Prepared: I Live-streamed Everyday!

For the past month I’ve been live-streaming myself completing “The Web Developer Bootcamp” by Colt Steele on my YouTube channel (Here’s the playlist).

No one watched, but that’s OK — it was pretty boring (just me typing out code with long pauses, while I look up stuff and chat on Facebook off-screen).

I averaged about 8.4 hours a day live-streaming and it took me about 33 days — I finished the course a few days ago (Sep 27, 2018).

The course is famous around the net as a good starting point for learning web development. A full review is coming in the future, but for now let’s just say it was worth the time and money.

Armed with nothing but Colt’s course and the discipline to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, I plan on making “Free Code Camp” step two of my journey to become a Pokemon mas…I mean full-stack developer.

About “Watch Me Blog”: It Was About Blogging

About 2 months ago I started live-streaming my workday on YouTube (see video above for an introduction).

Originally, the site was going to be an experiment in transparency — to show what it takes to become a professional blogger (hence the name “Watch Me Blog”).

However, when I became overwhelmed with the technical side of blogging (setting up a website, making logos etc.) I took a long break from trying to blog and decided to try learning web development.

What started as productive procrastination (I was supposed to be launching a blog) became a real passion for JavaScript, web development, and writing code. And that’s why I’m continuing from Colt’s course to “Free Code Camp.”

I also, kinda, liked live-streaming 8 hours a day. Sure no one was watching, but it kept me attached to my computer screen, and I might not have finished Colt’s course without the live stream.

That’s why, whether anyone watches or not, I will be live-streaming my struggle to complete “Free Code Camp.”

My Level of Coding Knowledge: The Starting Point

2 years ago, I completed 118 sections of “Free Code Camp” with another account. Back then it was just enough to get me past the CSS portion.

1 year ago, I bought the “Web Developer Bootcamp” off Udemy. Again, I made it past CSS and then stopped right before JavaScript.

33 days ago, I restarted the “Web Developer Bootcamp” from the first lesson. I decided that live-streaming my progress might be motivation enough to complete the course — I was right. I completed the course 33 days later.

About 2 Weeks ago, I started watching “JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts” by Anthony Alicea (another Udemy Course). I have not been coding along with the course. I’ve been watching it passively to reinforce and add to my JavaScript knowledge. I plan to continue to watch the series while I do “Free Code Camp.”

That’s it. That’s all the Web Dev knowledge that I have. I will be open to using other material while I do “Free Code Camp,” and will mention them on my YouTube channel.


So, that’s my announcement and ironically, it’s also my first blog post.

I hope you follow me on twitter, subscribe on YouTube, and all the other good stuff. Thanks for reading. See you on Monday!

Full-Stack Dev Student / Gryffindor with a Thestral

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