Deconstructing LaFourchette’s logo

DISCLAIMER: This is not at all an official effort and I am rather just hoping that LaFourchette will not sue me for copyright infringement :)

In a nutshell

  • The idea: Take a logo, and use its parts to build other images.
  • Rules of engagement: Although the proportions among the elements can be changes, I decided not to alter their form in any way. For each iteration, I thought about a catchphrase explaining the symbol.
  • Method: I used Gestalt principles, specially figure-making and closure to build different forms.

The original version

The LaFourchette logo is meant to represent a fork made using negative space using a single color. logo

The iterations

V1 — LaFourchette, the road to good food

Road logo

V2 — LaFourchette, have a glass of wine

A glass of wine

V3 — LaFourchette, celebrate spring

A butterfly to welcome spring

V4 — LaFourchette, crack the champagne!

A long bottle of wine or champagne

V5 — LaFourchette, hello.

A moustache wielding character

V6 — LaFourchette, want to grab a coffee?

A coffee bean

V7 — Spidey LaFourchette

Spider-man eyes

V8 — LaFourchette, eat your vegetables

A rabbit

V9 — LaFourchette, the backbone of restaurant bookings

A stylised feminine silhouette with a spinal column

V10 — It all begins here

A new growing plant
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