Significa is a design-led company that takes on product creation from concept to launch. Sounds simple, but behind the scenes there’s more to it: we currently share office space with 2 other companies and our work and culture is tightly shared between all.

Significa started out as a design studio and that‘s something that we mean to keep deeply melted into our DNA. We’re all designers and we all think like designers (even our developers and office manager come from a design background).

At a certain point of our early life as a company, about 2 years ago, we were…

Taking advantage of Gatsby nodes to add internationalisation to a Gatsby project.

Nowadays, the world is our audience. When building a global product for multiple markets, Internationalisation is essential and must be catered from the get-go. English might be a safe bet for most, but there’s undeniable power in serving people content in their native language.

Coming from a Middleman background we honestly were a bit puzzled on how scattered i18n support with Gatsby was: There are some issues at Github, a plugin that requires us to duplicate code and a semi-official blog post with an approach that doesn’t statically…

Pedro Brandão

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