Generative design in UX/UI

Generative design in mechanical engineering is a design approach that mimics natural evolution, creating thousands of design interactions towards one goal or purpose (usually discrete results, such as weight reduction or stress resistance). This happens even before the designer starts sketching, which in a way, it ‘removes’ the designer intuition of how things ‘should’ look. As a result, this approach opens up to designs we would never think it could “work”, and many industries are starting to really get into this.

We now see AI programs such as AlphaGo from DeepMind, which is re-writing the books of one of the oldest games in history and creating moves they have never been discovered before. Another example is The Grid, an AI program that builds your website automatically depending on what you are trying to show.

What do you think it would be the “generative” design of the future of UX/UI design? Would the designers need to step into a more strategic design side of things and leave the rest to an algorithm? Would we be able to deliver completely customisable interfaces for individual users? Whom would it be the “SquareSpace” company that will make it easy for anyone to use these tools?