I got it!

I see some people sad, because of this, because of that they even cry. Sometimes I feel pain thinking that girl had an awesome personality and she is also beautiful but she will never care about me. I also imagine some colleagues of mine are unhappy and very unfortunate because they don’t earn as much as and will never gain as other richer people and so they will live under pressure and will not have many goods. These are only some recent random examples of my personal experience.

But then I thought, no, there is a bright and also very simple way. Not only I experienced the following thought as I also read about it in a book called “emoções positivas”: socialization is a very powerful instrument of happiness and good wellbeing. If we have a good social network (friends, family, colleagues you know well, or just a neighbor with whom you talk regularly) you will have the most important you need to feel fine. Let’s say 80% for instance… and social network will also contribute a lot for the rest you need such leading you to better health standards and also contribute for you to be active and work and gain some money. Even if one is a mentally dependent person, that will make he/she smiling more times.

Hey, relax, it’s not a with no way out dark situation, you, your colleagues, people you know and you think or imagine they are fatally sad , it only depends if they build a social network. Let’s work for that simple and happy way. (thank you for having the chance of doing my way till today. Namely family and Tiago. Lar são José, Ajuda )