Gain control of your life in 5 easy steps

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Do you feel like you are in control of your life? Most people don’t. It’s a chronic problem in our society. We’ve been taught that if we work hard then we will have time to play and enjoy life later. When is later? That night? That weekend? After you retire? After you are dead?

Perhaps you’ve been working hard to take those two weeks of vacation on a trip to Europe. As great as the trip was when you get home you find yourself more tired than when you left. Between all the activities and travel time, you are now in need a of a vacation from the vacation. And it doesn’t stop there. Looking forward to the weekend off? Well not so fast. Your kids have several activities/sports you take them to. Your in-laws are coming for a visit. The house is a mess, gotta get it cleaned before they arrive. Now they are here and you must entertain them, feed them… Thank goodness they are gone. But wait! It’s Sunday night. Back to the job I hate in the morning :(

It never ends! But there must be another way, right? There is!

  1. Say No!
    One of the reasons people find themselves spread so thin is that we generally want to be liked and want to please others. So we say yes to everything that is asked of us. Be it strangers, employers, and family. This includes your children. It’s ok to say no to them sometimes. They don’t need so many distractions. And making them choose between activities will also teach them that it’s healthy to not say yes to everything. So that they don’t end up like you ;)
  2. Find your passion
    If you hate your job, then commit to making a change. Do whatever it takes to find the things that really excite you and if there is a job that you’d much rather do. Once you find it, volunteer some hours doing it. And then build from there. As you gain more experience in the field you will eventually find a way to transition jobs. If however you are in a financial position that allows you to quit your job right away and jump right into your field of passion, what are you waiting for? :)
  3. Take care of your mind/spirit
    Schedule a time each day that belongs just to you. Whether it’s a time at the gym. A time for meditation. A time for prayer. A walk around the block during your lunch break. Giving to yourself will replenish what you can then give to others. It will also raise your energy level to get through the day.
  4. Take care of your body
    Eat healthy: nutrition is one of the key elements to feeling well, maintaining vitality and energy levels. Do your best to make healthy meal choices. Make changes in small steps. Also, get some moderate exercise and proper sleep. These three will ensure you feel great, have high energy levels. Will improve your focus, performance, mood.
  5. Listen to your heart
    If someone in your life is a drain, it might be best to cut them out to give yourself a chance to catch up and replenish your positive energy. Have the courage to follow through and honour what is right for you in this moment. Acknowledge the abuse and put an end to it.

If you take action on the 5 steps above you will find that your life will become easier to manage. And you’ll be able to give more quality of yourself to those you choose to.

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