Pedro David Espinoza on Embracing Your Passion for Music

Pedro David Espinoza
3 min readOct 2, 2019

Picking up an instrument for the first time can be intimidating. Discussing the idea of organizing a band might get you ridiculed by friends. Avid, passionate music lovers don’t necessarily have to dash towards a stage or blare with a guitar in hand to illustrate their appreciation. After all, the majority of die hard, ultra-fans of music have never bothered to channel their inner Jimi Hendrix or Frank Sinatra. Pedro David Espinoza, a musician who was only a teenager when he released his singles to the world via Apple, Spotify and Amazon, has penned a few helpful ways for you to embrace your musical ardor.

Read Up on The Past

History, in the music sphere itself, is filled with moments of triumph, tragedy, inspiration, boldness and the inexplicable. You can cultivate a detailed understanding of fragments of the past, as even the stories, many of them legendary, from one band’s tours and days on the road are enough to fill a few volumes of books. Uncover why the group elected the name that it has, how they earned their big break to national or international fame, where they first met one another, what type of venues they started out in and whether they epitomize a typical or unusual tale. Pedro David Espinoza believes that such reading material will only strengthen your fondness of music. The stories of these bands and solo artists are your gateway to the past, a way for you to comprehend, to a degree, and salute the decades that pre-dated your birth, years in which your parents and grandparents reveled in.

Listen to Various Genres

While one music genre may have gotten your undivided attention at a younger age, giving you your first taste of sounds that you played repeatedly, as time elapses, you begin to be drawn in by new artists who perfect a different style. Pedro David Espinoza states our moods and mental states alter throughout the days and weeks; further stating, music should be utilized to extend the times of wonderful energy and to help phase out the darker junctures. Of course, online you can access nearly any song, but one way to become infatuated, in awe of the classics is by hunting vinyl records. If that is asking too much — quality turntables, speakers and receivers can run up quite the bill — then try to experiment with new radio stations while your go-to is in the middle of a commercial break. Variety is the spice of life and, sometimes, you need to hear a new beat or topic in the tunes.

Head to Live Shows

Anyone who supports the arts (stand-up comedy, theatre performances or musical showings, to name a few) will echo similar sentiments about live events: they are simply on another, heightened level in stimulating raw emotion and reactions. Following a concert, your pulse will be rocketing, through the roof and, when sleep seems impossible to fall into, in need of a sedative. Even the nosebleeds section will have a lively atmosphere, as the masses bellow out their favorite lyrics and are consumed by the overwhelming presence of greatness. According to Pedro David Espinoza, seeing a live show can also provide you with extra confidence to finally grab that elusive first instrument and begin formulating your own clever ideas.

Pedro Espinoza’s Final Thoughts

Due to the fact that art is in the eye of the beholder, it is difficult to determine what the best way for an individual to fully embrace their passion for music. As Pedro David Espinoza has suggested, read up on the past, listen to multiple genres, and attended live shows. These three simple activities will help you form a deeper appreciation for music and art.



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