Anatomy of a Garbage White Privilege Tech Article Written on TechCrunch
Ed Dunn

Really nice piece Ed. Quite refreshing to read someone being so raw and transparent.

I agree with you. Too much bullshit and “experts” everywhere who know absolute nothing about the goals of blockchain. Heck, they usually put it together with distributed ledger technology all in the same bag.

Also, I do hope vc money burns in hell (much like Vitalik spoke about centralized exchanges).

The purpose of any blockchain is to decentralize. Voting is clearly one of the best applications of this technology. Imagine when incentives are given to voters. Not sure about the outcome but Im insanely curious to see the results!

Awesome text, a good wake-up call.

It is amazing how everyone wants the world to be more decentralized, but then we can count by hand the number of actual crypto-projects bringing value to its users.

Oh you have a token? Please tell me how making people buy that shit instead of giving it away for work, attention, time, etc is the way to go.

Sorry for the rant, got carried away.

Thanks for sharing!