Doubts? Everyone has them.

At this point in my life I face a lot of self-doubt on a daily basis and I’m sure most of you guys feel the same way.

Should I work in a big company? Should I start my own business? Should I go abroad for a full year in order to discover the world?

It doesn’t really matter where you start because if you go to a big company you will learn processes and you’ll sink in the organizational values. If you opt for a small business your learning curve will be steeper.

Despite the path you choose, you have to put in the hours of work.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself: ‘Who the fuck this kid thinks he is and what has he accomplished to be giving out advices?’

You are absolutely correct and I can tell you exactly what I have been up to these past few years.

2013–2016: 20 year old kid applied for a job at a big consultancy company and nailed it to perfection. After 3 years on this job I got bored by all the paper work and the lack of autonomy due to large structure behind me. I wasn’t happy despite working 9–6 so I quit.

2016–2017: I needed to change my life around and surprisingly an opportunity to develop mobile applications came up. I took it in a blink of an eye. Till this day it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I have been learning about marketing, mobile and web development, the financial structure of a company, structuring the projects at will, decide on which technologies to use, etc.

I took the first step. How about you?

In order to have success or at least be happy you have to find yourself: empower your strengths and let go of your weaknesses.

That’s the step number one. I don’t actually know what the next step is or where will I be in 10 years but the only thing I know is that I will go for the long run.

I’ll be documenting the hustle from this point onwards.

You gotta enjoy the journey.