Deno: Node.js killer?
Daniel Ramos Acosta

Hey! I’m a real big fan of RD myself and the impact of his contributions to the dev world were big enough to put him side by side with Python creators IMHO. I’m just REALLY concerned about the new building system.
Looking more deeply into Deno docs, you can see a big problem that even RD is not even trying to fix, and will become a huge problem if nothing is done:
Deno building system relies on Python 2 still, and Python 2 is not going to be maintained after 2019 anymore so the catch is, something in the likes of GYP is probably going to happen again, simply because the core of the building system is also a third-party one and will become harder and harder to fix as the project matures.

Away from that simple point, I agree with everything and I’m so excited to use it anywhere!