Coronavirus crisis management at PhishX

We wish to share with you some countermeasures that we have adopted to safeguard the health of our team, family, friends, customers, partners and investors:

1) We implemented a home office policy at PhishX. As a global company, we are used to working with many…

Gestão de crise sobre o Coronavirus, na PhishX:

Desejamos compartilhar com você, algumas contramedidas que adotamos para resguardar a saúde de nosso time, familiares, amigos, clientes, parceiros e investidores:

1) Implementamos uma política de home office na PhishX. Como uma empresa global, estamos acostumados a trabalhar com vários países e…

Pedro Ivo

CEO & Co-Founder of PhishX. Helping to building the next global generation of cybersecurity companies, platforms, products and services.

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