The muppet show

Sometimes, life at a startup land and probably in businesses in general looks a lot like the muppet show.

There are a lot of characters, different personalities, lots of laughter and bits of drama.

The show initially has a plan, but things change over time, and you have to be agile, compromise, pivot and adapt.

And although some muppets don’t realize it, the end goal is always clear.

Make the best show in the world!!!

There are plenty of characters/personalities in where you can fit.


Also known as The Great Gonzo and Gonzo the Great, is passionate for stunt performance. He tries really hard and fails often, but never gives up. He will be the best stuntman in the world, or at least will keep trying to.

Fozzie Bear

He’s the comedian but lacks innate and effective comedy skills. Throws a lot of bad puns, but keeps trying show after show to improve. But his most powerful feature is that he is positive and always happy. Cheers everyone when things are going bad.


He is the backstage stage manager, utility stage crew member, and general all-around “gofer”. Get’s ignored a lot, and he is not money driven. Just wants to be part of the show, even though not in the spotlight, but only in the backstage.

Rowlf the Dog

He is a scruffy brown dog of indeterminate breed. Sings really funny songs while he plays the piano. He is the keyboard magician. Always performs well, even though not being considered one of the main characters.

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

He is the resident scientist at the show. Makes a lot of experiments that don’t usually work, although being really smart. He is not afraid of failure and keeps trying new things.


He is the main victim of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew bad experiments but never gives up even though he gets burned and electrocuted a lot of the times. He is the one that suffers the most, but never gives up or speaks badly. He never speaks at all …

Miss Piggy

She is known for her diva personality. While her face is the soul of feminine charm and glamor, she is in need of anger management. She is her own biggest fan.

Swedish cook

No one understands him while he explains the recipe. Nonetheless, he makes amazing dishes at the end.


He is the wild and frenzied drummer at the band. He wants to play drums really fast, many times breaking stuff along the way.

Gil, Bill and Jill

Some muppets appear for some shows but disappear a few episodes after.

Sam the Eagle

Sam often rallied against the nonsense that passes for entertainment on the on the show. He is a grouch and a no fun character. Although being ignored he always keeps trying to make his point of view withstand in the show.

Waldorf and Statler

At the end, there are the grumpy old muppets, that trash every show and are always complaining. They always have an opinion, but it’s always negative and bashing on the other Muppets work.

Kermit, the frog

He is a kind and loyal frog mate, who is a natural-born leader. Being a great listener and helping the team move along to accomplish their tasks are his best traits.

There’s a lot of endless quarrels and backstage talking. Despite what is endlessly argued, the show must go on.

Luckily at the end, good entertainment was provided on every show.

You should be aware of which character you choose to be on the muppet show, but…

Leave your ego behind, don’t be a Miss Piggy.

Try real hard not be a Sam the Eagle.

But, please, please don’t be a Waldorf and Statler. They laugh a lot and make fun of other Muppets work but they don’t really want to be part of the show.

A known philosopher would probably say.

Negativity is the path to the dark side.
Negativity leads to anger.
Anger leads to hate.
Hate leads to suffering.

I know it’s hard because sometimes you know that you are right but…

Try really hard to be a proton, stay positive.

Things won’t be perfect, and you are entitled to have a strong opinion that should be weakly held.

It’s always more fun to work with Gonzo and Fozzie, they never give up and always help you have a laugh along the way.

You are an important part of the show so help build a great one. There are no main characters because without Scooter the show won’t work.

And please, try really hard and awaken your inner Kermit.

Being positive is the end goal, so you don’t have to stick to one of the characters of the muppet show. You can always think outside of the box and be a different character, be a Lego :)

You probably have already associated some traits of the previous characters to people you know. But what about you, are you a Kermit?