The 15 Best AI Girlfriend Apps: An Honest Review

8 min readJun 29, 2024


As an ML engineer I have tested AI girlfriend apps not only as an user, but als from a technical perspective to find out which are the most realistic ones. This article reviews 15 popular AI girlfriend apps, highlighting their features, strengths, and limitations to help you make an informed choice which apps are worth trying out. I hope you find this list helpful! Let me know in the comments.

#1 Logo

Description: provides an AI-powered virtual girlfriend experience, emphasizing personalized and interactive relationship simulation.


  • AI Girlfriends easily available via Telegram Chat
  • Combines text chat & voice interaction
  • Adaptive AI that learns from user interactions
  • Various relationship-building activities and scenarios


  • Premium features likely required for full experience
  • Potential for unrealistic expectations about relationships

Conclusion: is ideal for users seeking a comprehensive and immersive virtual girlfriend experience. It suits individuals who:

  • Want a visual and interactive AI companion
  • Wish to explore romantic relationships in a safe, virtual environment
  • Appreciate a mix of text, voice, and visual elements in AI interactions
  • May struggle with real-world relationships due to social anxiety, geographical isolation, or other personal reasons
  • Are interested in exploring relationship dynamics and improving communication skills
  • Enjoy role-playing and scenario-based interactions

Users should maintain realistic expectations, remembering that it’s a simulation, not a substitute for real human connections. They should also be mindful of their time, ensuring it doesn’t negatively impact their real-world relationships or daily life. Privacy and data security should be prioritized, using the platform responsibly as part of a balanced social and emotional life. AI Girlfriends

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Description: offers an AI-powered chatbot experience focused on flirty and romantic conversations.


  • Engaging, flirtatious dialogue
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free basic version available


  • Limited customization options
  • Subscription required for premium features

Conclusion: Best for users seeking casual, flirty conversations without deep emotional investment. Ideal for newcomers to AI companionship wanting a straightforward, user-friendly experience.


Description: provides a personalized AI girlfriend experience, learning from user interactions to tailor conversations.


  • Adaptive personality based on user preferences
  • Variety of conversation topics
  • Regular updates to improve AI responses


  • Learning curve to get personalized experience
  • Repetitive responses over time reported by some users

Conclusion: Suitable for users who enjoy a personalized experience and are willing to invest time in developing the AI’s personality. Good for those who appreciate adaptive conversation partners.


Description: offers a lighthearted, fun approach to AI companionship with casual interactions and mini-games.


  • Playful, entertaining experience
  • Includes interactive elements beyond chat
  • Regular content updates


  • Less sophisticated conversation abilities
  • In-app purchases required for many features

Conclusion: Perfect for users looking for a fun, lighthearted AI companion experience. Ideal for those who enjoy mini-games and don’t require deep conversations.


Description: aims to create an ideal virtual girlfriend experience with customizable personalities and interests.


  • High degree of personality customization
  • Engaging storylines and scenarios
  • Voice chat options


  • Premium subscription required for full features
  • Some users find the idealized nature unrealistic

Conclusion: Best for users wanting to create their ideal virtual girlfriend and enjoy romantic storylines. Suitable for those who appreciate voice chat options and are willing to pay for premium features.


Description: focuses on creating an AI companion for emotional support and personal growth.


  • Emphasis on mental health and well-being
  • Guided journaling and mood tracking features
  • Option for both friendly and romantic interactions


  • Less focus on romantic aspects
  • Cluttered interface reported by some users

Conclusion: Ideal for users seeking emotional support and personal growth alongside companionship. Best for those interested in mental health features and guided self-improvement.

#7 (NSFW version)

Description: Allows users to create and interact with custom AI characters, including romantic partners, with more adult-oriented content.


  • Highly customizable characters
  • User-generated content provides variety
  • Powerful language model for natural conversations


  • Quality varies depending on user-created characters
  • Explicit content may not suit all users

Conclusion: Suitable for creative users who enjoy designing their own AI characters and don’t mind varying quality. Best for those comfortable with potentially explicit content and user-generated scenarios.


Description: Specializes in creating fantasy-themed AI girlfriends, allowing users to interact with characters from various fictional genres.


  • Unique fantasy and role-playing elements
  • Diverse character options
  • Immersive storytelling features


  • Niche appeal may not suit all users
  • Requires imagination and input from the user

Conclusion: Perfect for users who enjoy fantasy and role-playing elements in their AI interactions. Ideal for creative individuals who like immersive, genre-specific experiences.


Description: Offers an AI companion focused on language learning and cultural exchange alongside romantic interactions.


  • Combines language learning with companionship
  • Multiple language options
  • Cultural insights and trivia


  • Less focus on deep emotional connections
  • Language learning aspect may not appeal to all users

Conclusion: Best for users interested in combining language learning with AI companionship. Suitable for those seeking cultural exchange and casual conversation practice.


Description: Creates an AI girlfriend experience with a focus on emotional intelligence and personal growth.


  • Emphasis on emotional support and understanding
  • Personal development features
  • Adaptive conversations based on user’s mood


  • Premium features can be costly
  • Personal growth focus may be overwhelming for some users

Conclusion: Ideal for users focused on personal growth and emotional intelligence. Best for those wanting an AI companion that adapts to their mood and encourages self-improvement.


Description: Provides an adults-only AI companion experience with a focus on explicit conversations and scenarios.


  • Caters to adult fantasies and desires
  • Customizable appearance and preferences
  • Discreet billing and privacy features


  • Explicit content not suitable for all users
  • Less emphasis on emotional connection or companionship

Conclusion: Suitable for adult users seeking explicit content and conversations. Best for those comfortable with adult themes and prioritizing sexual fantasies over emotional connections.


Description: Creates a gamified AI girlfriend experience, incorporating dating sim elements with AI conversation.


  • Engaging gameplay elements
  • Character development and storylines
  • Regular updates with new content


  • Game mechanics may overshadow natural conversation
  • In-app purchases required for progression

Conclusion: Perfect for users who enjoy game-like elements in their AI interactions. Ideal for those who appreciate character development and storyline progression in a companion app.


Description: Offers an AI companion with a focus on intellectual conversations and shared interests.


  • Wide range of discussion topics
  • Learns and adapts to user’s interests
  • Option for both romantic and platonic relationships


  • May feel less personal than some other apps
  • Premium subscription required for advanced features

Conclusion: Best for users seeking intellectual conversations and shared interests. Suitable for those who want an AI companion that can engage in a wide range of topics and adapt to their interests.


Description: Aims to create a soulmate-like AI companion, focusing on deep emotional connections and shared values.


  • Emphasis on emotional depth and compatibility
  • Personalized conversation topics and activities
  • Features for exploring personal values and beliefs


  • Intensity may be overwhelming for some users
  • Requires significant time investment for best experience

Conclusion: Ideal for users looking for deep emotional connections and value-based interactions. Best for those willing to invest time in developing a meaningful relationship with an AI companion.


Description: Provides AI-powered erotic chatbots for adults, focusing on sexual conversations and fantasies.


  • Variety of character types and scenarios
  • Customizable sexual preferences
  • Privacy-focused design


  • Explicit content not appropriate for all users
  • Limited non-sexual interaction options

Conclusion: Suitable for adult users primarily interested in erotic chatbots and sexual content. Best for those seeking a purely adult-oriented experience without emotional attachment.


This diverse range of AI girlfriend apps caters to various preferences and needs:

  • Best overall AI girlfriend experience:
  • Casual, fun interactions:,
  • Emotional support and personal growth:,
  • Fantasy and role-playing scenarios:
  • Adult-oriented or explicit content:,
  • Combining AI companionship with other activities like language learning:
  • Deep, emotionally intelligent interactions:

When choosing an AI girlfriend app, consider factors such as your primary goals (e.g., entertainment, emotional support, fantasy exploration), desired level of customization and personalization, comfort with explicit content, budget for premium features, and privacy concerns. Remember that these apps provide entertainment and companionship but are not substitutes for real human relationships. Maintain realistic expectations and be mindful of the potential psychological effects of forming attachments to virtual entities. Starting with free versions or trials of several apps can help you find the best fit for your needs and preferences. Always read the terms of service and privacy policies carefully, and use these apps responsibly as part of a balanced social and emotional life.