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An unofficial guide to Jersey Fucking City!

I’m writing this article after 9 months of living in the downtown area of Jersey City. I hope this will help current and newcomers to the neighborhood discover more about their amazing neighborhood, and perhaps aid potential future residents to get sense of how it is like to live here.

NOTE: This article was edited in November 2018 for updated photos, and minor corrections.

Before we begin.. Let’s be clear: this is not by any means a comprehensive guide to Downtown Jersey City nor a comparison with other neighborhoods — I find those are usually highly biased anyway. Put simply, I chose to live here as it presents a good balance encompassing most of the things I like: a neighborhood that can be both vibrant and relaxed and that has everything I need for my daily life within walking distance; an easy and short commute to many cool places in Manhattan, and lastly but not least a reasonable rent. …


Pedro Veloso

I’m a curious human being who likes to chat and laugh about a lot of different topics. Sometimes I write, because it feels good :)

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