I work for Uber.
Benjamin Booth

Im a big signal vs noise fan and I used to work for uber. I quit uber after 6 months. DHH points are spot on. The company is super aggressive with little respect to policy makers, drivers and sometimes even riders.

Employees quickly become cocky after working for uber since the company’s culture rewards this kind of “aggressive know it all” posture. I remember hearing from a senior operations manager that flew from the USA to Brazil to teach us Ubers playbooks that “he wasn’t there to be liked or to make friends, but to work”. This could sound OK in some contexts, but the guy was a real jerk.

All of these problems are masked with the excuse of growth. Like DHH once wrote, the problem with unicorns is that they don’t want to make a dent in the universe. They wanna fucking own the universe.

Luckily the universe is showing signs that it doesn’t want to be owned by uber.