Why Freud Still Matters (Even Though He Was Wrong About Almost Everything) | Professor Brandon…
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It’s kinda sad to see how America (and maybe even the UK is going the same way) deals with psychology. We – and be we, I mean at least South Americans – see our area as a Social Science. It’s not about positivist, utilitarian methods for straight people’s minds up and get them more productive, but make them healthy and happy – and to do that, we need to understand them and make them understand themselves.

Freud it’s a mark in the history of psychology. Maybe, looking to psychoanalysis trough his disciples we can have a more contemporary look on the importance of him. Reich, Winnicott, Piaget, Jung, Frankl – so many names that can let’s have a full and modern look, with different versions, at his theories.

Really hope you guys take a more human look and the power of that to heal always more people. “Let that behaviourism away, and let the social-humanist side be” :)