I Furious Cambodia

Left to Right : River, Coconuts’R’us, Sandy Beach & Sea

Furious to discover cheaper flights in Sweden connecting people to the world. Followed by a delightfull airport bound bus ride to hop on to one of those. My destination ahead : Cambodia “The land of mines”

Pol Pot not cool .

After the Taj, Angkor Wat was the other place i always wanted to step into. Which i did. My first day in Asia. It might have been the second i do not recall. There was a bike ride from seat 22C to room 301 in downton Siem Reap (Mad Monkey Hostel). Warning : I am just throwing random numbers referencing these places and situations.

There was a whole day riding a bycicle through the temples. There were delicious fruit shakes at all times of the day everyday. A romantic Thai/Cambodian/Chinese dinner in bed for my fallen wife. A nightmarish whole night bus ride on a “velvet box”. Beach bungalows cheap as Starbucks Almond Moccaccinos. A paradise island with adventurous kayaking dogs. Tropical storms trying to derail our journey.

And some more … much more.

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