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Joe Romm, I know you are honestly worried about the future of our planet and a deep believer in Global Warming, as most global warming activists are. That's good, it shows that you care. But what is not fine is diabolizing someone who has a different view. Dismissing global warming because of people having babies really was a bad statement, but I think we should keep open to different views. And when I say different view, I am also talking about science. I know several Phd level scientists who actually have been studying the planet geology their entire life and who don't believe in human caused Global Warming. Our planet is constantly changing it's temperature and we all agree that CO2 has an important impact on it, but we are not sure if the warming trend will keep for very long. And when I say very long, I am talking about some thousand years. Some other scientific facts, ignored by the media, are: 1) In the last interglacial period, sea levels were apparently some 7 meters higher than todays levels. This happened without the extra CO2 in the atmosphere. So… maybe sea levels would rise anyway, and together with the CO2 this can get even worse, I agree. But it doesn't mean it would not happen without human activities. 2) In our planet Ice Ages and cold periods are the norm, interglacial (warm) periods are the exceptions. Take a look at this graphic here which shows that normally for every 100 thousand years of glacial period there is about 10 thousand years of warm climate: … And believe me, a glacial period would be even more catastrophic for human life than a warm planet, with most of the planet becoming frozen and most of life disappearing. 3) Our planet has been through very extreme climate events, like the Snow Ball Earth and periods where CO2 levels were hundreds of times higher than current period. So… climate is really constantly changing, and human activity play a role on it, I don't doubt it, but it is only one factor among many others, like: sun radiation, the distance of earth from the sun (it is constantly changing), the earth axis inclination (also constantly changing), gas emissions from vulcanos, gas emissions from planctons… And so on… reducing all this variables to one single (man made CO2) seems like intelectual narrowness to me. Some people say that we have put so much CO2 on the atmosphere that we are actually able to avoid the next Ice Age. But there is really no consensus on that information. 4) Democracy is a place where different opinions are heard and not diabolized, nor taken for counter-productive and catastrophe leading. I think it is important that people really think deeper, because even if we manage to control all the CO2 emissions (and it is productive to have a different sets of technology available), earth's climate will still be changing (a lot) in the future, with or without humans. And humans will have to find other ways to cool down or warm up the planet so as it keeps in todays level. (again today's level is an exception). Or maybe we just have to accept that our planet destiny is much bigger than is humans destiny, and that maybe we are not capable to cope with all the changes it will go through. Maybe we are just not that develop that we can play god, and we can regulate the climate according to our needs. It is an exercice of humility.

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