Git Hooks are an interesting and powerful feature built in to any git repository that allow you to run scripts when certain commands are executed. These allow you to “hook in” to the git lifecycle, which makes them quite useful when trying to keep things organized and preventing common errors.

Teams should always have clearly defined practices and standards in place for their developers to ensure things stay in check. These practices can include things like making sure commit messages reference a tracked issue, preventing pushes to certain branches or making branches follow descriptive naming patterns. …

SCM in a cloud-centric world

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The core pillar of Configuration Management is to ensure continuity when something goes wrong. One of the measures taken by CM is to keep track of which version is being used of all software or tools the business depends on, enabling you to handle things like breaking changes with relative ease and making builds reproducible.

When talking in a traditional sense where applications are installed, upgraded, and managed locally and manually, keeping track of which version is being used and deciding when to upgrade is trivial. You have control of everything, so you can make…

This past year I’ve used web scraping as a tool in different software projects, and have really loved the possibilities it brings to the table — So much so that I’ve had the chance to develop products that revolve around it, using it as a main source of value. In this article, I’ll talk a bit about my experience and how you can leverage web scraping to add value to your projects.

For the uninitiated, web scraping is basically how you can analyze a web page’s source code to retrieve some data of interest. There’s a way to do it…

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