ONEVC invested in Kovi's US$30M Series A alongside Global Founders Capital, Quona Capital, Monashees, YCombinator, Kevin Efrusy (Accel), Maya Capital and BroadHaven. As a General Partner at ONEVC, I am sharing more about why we are excited about this opportunity, market, and team.

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We are pleased to announce the final close for our first fund, ONEVC FUND I LP, with US$30M under management, combined with US$8M invested in special opportunities. Since founding ONEVC in November of 2017, we have partnered with 15 exceptional teams. We are more excited than ever to continue to align with world-class founders, building category-defining companies in both Silicon Valley and Latin America and are grateful for the opportunity and trust our LPs and founders have placed on us.

ONEVC is pleased to welcome Bruno Yoshimura as a new full-time general partner of the firm, alongside Pedro Sorrentino and Arthur Brennand. Bruno will be primarily based out of São Paulo. Bruno recently graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Prior to that, he was the co-founder of Delivery Direto, the first company to raise capital from Accel in Latin America and was recently acquired by Locaweb. Bruno has been a founder since he was 15 and has been involved in numerous internet companies from a young age, both as a founder and later as an angel investor. …

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I enjoy studying about war and what it takes to win them. Recently, I finished reading “ Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World.”

Most of what he did isn’t possible today. We are more civilized, organized and respectful in most regions of the planet. Nonetheless, the book contains exciting insights — a helpful read in the world of entrepreneurship and venture capital. The best founders and investors I know are ruthless.

Disclaimer: the book itself is a bit boring, and I skipped a few sections. More productive this way.

Recently Naval Ravikant posted one of his best Tweetstorms.

The topic is how to become wealthy.

After my 27th birthday, I started seriously thinking about wealth creation. I've always been decent at managing my own money, but things deeply changed when I set targets and started getting more aggressive about this goal.

It became an important goal in my life since I realized I wanted to become an early-stage venture capitalist. It is well-known that the one of the largest sources of happiness in life is that moment you know you'll never have to worry about paying a single bill. …

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Sleeping 8 hours a night has been a revelation for mind stillness and personal productivity. I still face difficulties in getting my daily tasks done, due to the sheer volume of them and the many directions I get pulled on a given day, just like any entrepreneur starting his business.

You dance with what is important, you dance with what is urgent, but you should only go to bed with what is important AND urgent.

Like an Eisenhower matrix.

When solving problems or dealing with multiple daily requests often my mind will get busy, worried and distracted and I lose flow, overthinking about the number of things I have to get done and reacting to the overstimulation of modern life. …

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For the past 2-days, I have been reading excerpts of the excellent Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind book, from Shunryu Suzuki.

I tend to revisit it on a yearly basis.

This particular reading helped bring peace to my heart and calm to my mind.

I was thinking about absolute presence.

When nothing interrupts you, and you execute things with first-principles without anxiety or fear of judgment from others.

There is no procrastination only ruthless prioritization.

This is a big challenge, but a very doable one.

We should all aim to be present, leave no traces and, ultimately, burn like ash.

I randomly opened the book on this…

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As I drive back to São Paulo for a short 3-day week, I feel refreshed.

My parents have a house in the city of Itupeva-SP. It is a small town in which life is simple, tranquile and you hear birds sing all day long.

As a matter of fact, we spend part of the day feeding Papayas to them. I love going there.

This weekend I ran ~10K, went to the gym and slept 8+ hours everyday. Sunshine all along.

Ready to get things done and make moves as we continue to raise capital in Brazil.

Happy Monday!

This post was an email I sent to my other six partners at ONEVC a few weeks ago. The topic of conversation was how we should react & respond to cold emails in the workplace. I struggled with this in the first two years of my career as a VC.

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Here it is:

I’m writing this response because it is worth in the “venture training” side of the house.


Wake up as if you have already lost the next Google, Uber, etc. It will happen to VCs. Always operate with no FOMO. For more on this, look at “BVPs Anti-Portfolio,” and you’ll know that even a VC firm with >100 IPOs often makes mistakes. …

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I was hospitalized due to an overload of work.

Bad habits made it happen. Drinking >12 coffees a day with little sleep with bad eating habits helped. Furthermore, the stress of putting your life-savings in your new venture made me stressed.

I can’t remember the last time I took time off in my life.

I always used hide to take a few calls while on vacation. Or skip some group activity to do emails while consuming news and social media. Sad.

I’ve been sleep deprived for a long time.

Because of Eight Mattress, I now track my sleep activity. During most of 2017 I averaged 5–6 hours a night. Not sleeping enough killing me and my ability to get things done. …

Everyone that has built something meaningful must have gotten in touch with “the dark side.”

I woke up thinking about it and how it probably impulsed many to win. From business people to pro-athletes.

It is a combination of being present with the reassurance that you are on the right path of greatness. A mix between fear and courage, in which you smell the battlefield blood. The battlefield can be the gym, office or anything actually.

The journey of building a VC firm, when you are the only full-time partner is lonely in many ways.

I meditated for about 10 minutes, trying to get my mind a ease, given the size and variety of the to-do list I have to tackle this Monday. …


Pedro Sorrentino

I serve founders in Silicon Valley. Co-Founder & General Partner @onevc_ . Alumni @fundersclub @sendgrid, @nimbuzz. 2x Founder. Enduring pain with a smile.

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