I hustled my way to the ER in 2017

Pedro Sorrentino
Dec 28, 2017 · 3 min read
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We need to stop with the demented hustle-culture we’ve put out there.

I'm part of the problem. DHH says it well in this post.

I’ve been in São Paulo for the past two weeks and due to health issues, had to visit three different doctors.

Furthermore, due to a severe gastritis attack, I had a surprise visit to the ER on Christmas evening.

I thought I was having a fatal heart-attack and rushed to the hospital with considerable chest pain. I was scared.

What a vital warning happened this week.

Since Christmas, I’ve slowed down my work pace, slept 10–12 hours every day and exercised daily.

Having six cans of sparkling water and eight daily espressos became the norm to become functional. No wonder I got sick. After this painful warning I have reduced my intake to a more normal level.

I’m drinking 2 to 3 coffees a day and having at most, two sparkling drinks of water.

I gained a decent amount of weight with the free food we used to have a FundersClub. That is my fault.

In 2017 I lost over 11 pounds, which is excellent.

I still have 20 or so to reach my ideal weight and am going to get there.

For the past two days, I have been off hustle mode, not doing much but reading, taking naps, going for runs and sleeping. I signed up for a 5K race with a childhood best-friend. That felt good.

Long-term change has to start small.

Tonight, I am re-building all my internal systems to optimize for the routine I know works well for me.

The best days are the ones in which I wake up early, usually between 4:30–5:30 AM and I get to do the following things:

• Read for one hour
• Write and think for one hour
• Exercise for one hour
• Shower, eat and get ready for the day in 45 minutes

When this is the case, I only start touching work at 9:30–10AM on days that I get to control my agenda. It requires discipline to go to bed early and not stay up for long-hours behind screens. I also have to know exactly what is the plan for the morning, so I execute with steady rhythm.

When I follow this approach, I am happier and get the feeling I'm in control of my agenda, which is important for me.

I prefer to only have meetings in the afternoon. I value having time to get hardest, most-important tasks out before lunch and find that PG’s maker and manager schedule very functional for startup life.

This is how I am going to operate from now on.

I also last longer, working until 8–9 PM at the office with peak performance.

Building ONEVC is a marathon, and I will win this race.

Just a brief pit-stop before 2018.

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