How Social Media Is Fueling Companies

78% of Americans have a Social Media profile

We don’t realize how engaged we are with our phones and how much we depend on them.

Social Media took everyone by surprise a decade ago and now is the number one business market that we have.

Facebook is starting to get crowded, it’s starting to be hard to get yourself heard in there. Everyone that has money already started investing on Ads there, and you as a small individual will not compete with that. This is happening because Facebook is bringing a better ROI than any other platforms.

Twitter already suffered from this disease. To wade through so much “noise”, that end up reading only read 10% of the tweets on your feed right now.

What can you do to compete?

Right now it is really hard to find the best way to compete on Facebook or another Social Media, mainly when you start with a brand that’s already there and it needs a fresh start, or you build your brand and want to reach the top.

Most of the customers are reacting pretty well to a more humane side of your band. Showing your staff with your brand t-shirt or in a business dinner will have more and more people watching what you do, showing your headquarters and the people that works there, introduce new members with a wacky picture it will work also.

Everything mentioned is real important, but will not always be the best way to promote your brand, don’t forget that you have to convert. You need to take action and make a bit of both. Show a brighter side but also share some content that will never be so much as popular as other.

Keeping an eye on the data

Track everything you do and don’t let you be misguided with “vanity metrics”.

The traditional numbers used to judge startups are “vanity metrics

I really like the expression “vanity metrics”. They’re everywhere, not only on the Startup and Entrepreneurial world. Lots of Social Media marketers let themselves be mistaken by this kind of metrics. The best way to really understand what you are doing well is to track everything you do.

Social Media will keep being the future

This trend is not going to get over soon and start to get comfortable with the idea that you’ll need to be a full-time employee that only deals with all the social media for a company.

At this moment, Facebook is trying something like “Snapchat Stories” and this can lead to a new feature that we will need to learn in order to be always updated so we can convert more often.

Don’t forget that more and more platforms and apps are appearing in the market you will not have hands for everything, especially with all the brands wanting to be “early adopters”.

Summing all up:

Improve your ROI while keeping track on the data and get focused into being the best in one platform.