A Truly Fancy Bear:
Dale Beran

Look, this might have happened. There are, in fact, some strange statistical anomalies. But let’s not blame it on Russia, ok?
No, Russia is not a fantastic place. No, Putin is not a nice guy. But citing the USA’s government as a source regarding Russia is a bit naive, isn’t it?

“The U.S. plays the role of the powerful well-meaning oaf tricked by a more cunning adversary” Please. Powerful oaf tricked by a more cunning adversary maybe, but well-meaning? Come on, once again, don’t be so naive.

“ As you probably are already thinking at this point, “Hey, didn’t the former head of Trump’s campaign, Paul Manafort, work for the pro-Russian dictator of Ukraine?” Yes, but you seem to place most of the blame on Russia corrupting poor americans. Have you considered that maybe they were looking to be corrupted? Have you considered that the fact that Trump hired that guy might not be a coincidence or a Russian plan?

No one but the USA’s government has blamed Russia for the hacks, WikiLeaks has stated that they did not get their documents from Russia, several independent analysts doubt the claims, etc. In short, there are no impartial sources that believe the claim that Russia is responsible for the hacks.

Why blame it on Russia when there are lots of people in the USA that could have much more easily pulled it off?