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How did we come up with this idea?

I'm the technical Co-Founder of GitShowcase, a platform designed to help developers be awesome at showcasing their talents.

Since we launched GitShowcase, my Co-Founder Victor F. Santos and I realised that in order to improve the recruiting process for the developers, we needed to better understand how companies currently handle recruiting and how we could bring change.

As we studied more about the recruiting process and participated in some processes ourselves in our day jobs, we noticed that recruiting is a real struggle, specially for small companies, where time is a very valuable asset and people have to juggle between…

As easy as live templates, as powerful as Rails Generate and Yeoman

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Photo by Sticker Mule on Unsplash

A couple of weeks ago I published Battlecry (previously called Samba), an Open Source cross-platform tool for automating repetitive software development tasks. It's built with NodeJS and you can use it with any language or framework.

Battlecry provides an interface for creating simple and customizable commands that can perform any type of action. Since most of the time developers need to create, copy, move, editor delete text files, Battlecry already comes with file helpers that make templating a breeze.

A journey for more productivity oriented development

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Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

I've been thinking about creating a scaffolding tool for existing projects for a while. Something like rails has, such as rails g model user name age:number role:references , but for the frontend, that works well with ReactJS, which I've been working with quite a lot.

To be honest, I'm trying to "railsify" the frontend toolkit so that it can be more productive. Type less, do more. This has been the center of all the libraries I've published in the last two years, such as Premiere and Form-for.

On this post, I'll talk about my most recent library, designed to be…

Simple, declarative and powerful forms with ReactJS

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If came just for the link, just click here.

I've been coding for a few years and played with a few technologies. In this path, I've become a big fan of a Rails gem called simple_form. I'm also a fan of React. With these two in mind, I decided to build a library that had the simplicity of simple_form and the customization power of React. It's called form-for

In short, this is how a form with form-for looks like.

At first it may look like magic, but, although I think it's pretty cool, it's not exactly magical. …

Jewell brings Higher-Order Messaging to Javascript

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Jewell — Javascript Syntax Sugar for Higher-Order Messaging

If you want to jump straight to the action (GitHub repo), click here.

I've worked and played with many languages and frameworks throughout my career and learned a lot with each one of them.

Recently I've been exploring Javascript quite a lot and, one day, while working with arrays I remembered a very cool feature that the Laravel Framework has, called higher-order messaging. It allows you to create very expressive 1 liners, such as: (PHP code)


With some research I found that there are also some implementations of this using Ruby, one of my favorite languages. Ruby's syntax is…

An in-depth guide about working with Interdependent Promises

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Photo by Luis Perdigao on Unsplash

As a developer, I'm constantly looking for ways to write cleaner code.

A year ago I published a library called Premiere, designed to facilitate consuming Restful APIs in the frontend with Javascript. I'm now building a v2 of the library and, in this process, I noticed there was room to make the code cleaner, specifically when it comes to Promises.

In this article I won't explain the basics of Promises, but if you're looking for that, check out Dave Atchley’s article, he does a great job at it.

Disclaimer: Looking for async/await examples? …

A practical approach to building bad software

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As a Software Engineer, I’ve been building commercial software applications for over 5 years and started to notice how much poorly designed applications can create hatred.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how awesome your architecture is from a technical standpoint. If you don’t build things people need and help them, there will be hate.

For those who enjoy pain and suffering (or just laughing), here are some guidelines. The ultimate goal here is to build awareness about common mistakes and important parts of the software, no need to get salty.

1. Make it Slow

The app can’t load anything…

A long story of why I decided to shape my career towards becoming an international Software Developer.

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I'm born and raised in Brazil. I've been working as a software developer for 5 years and two years ago I received a one year scholarship to study at Arizona State University in Arizona as part of an exchange program. It was awesome! I met some amazing people there. At the end I also had the chance to work as an intern at a Silicon Valley startup for a couple months. This whole experience made me realize that the world is much bigger than my city/state and there are many ways to live.

Coming back to Brazil was strange. I…

Choosing the technology stack while looking for the business. Keep calm and enjoy the ride!

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Courtesy of Jake Ingle — Unsplash

Choosing the technologies for your new project is something hard! There are tons of frameworks out there to choose from. You may also need things like tools for Continuous Integration (testing, code quality), sending email campaigns, repository management (GitHub), and servers.

As it is a side project, I had a lot of freedom with GitShowcase to choose what technologies to use. On this post I'm going through my process for choosing each part of the stack.

Making Choices

The Framework

Over the years I have worked in many projects with very different frameworks. That said, Ruby on Rails has the best developer experience in…

It's about time you show the world your awesomeness!

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Hey, you! Yeah, you! I know you've been reading post on Medium and dreaming of bringing that app on your head to the rest of the world!

It's only 5 tips because I want this to be quick. Less reading and more doing!

Ps. There’s a link at the very end of this post waiting for when you get there.

1. Think big, start small

I know you have great aspirations for your project. What if it becomes the next Google? or Facebook? Will you sell it for 100 million dollars?

OMG!!! I'm gonna be filthy rich!!!!!

Lets take a step back and think through…

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Full-stack developer, entrepreneur and Open-source enthusiast.

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