Being Lucky or Creating your Luck?

Claude Piché
Dec 2, 2015 · 3 min read

After returning home from an amazing backpacking trip in Portugal and Spain, I fell into a mini depression. You know the kind of dip you get when you return to work after being away? You go back to the office and you just don’t have the motivation to do anything. After spending 23 days in the sun, eating tapas and drinking ice-cold Sangria, the approach of winter and temperatures below -40 celsius started to scare me.

Suddenly, I started dreaming of a different life. I dreamed of starting over! In this new life there would need to be a minimum of 3 things: the beach, tacos, and beer (cold, please). You know, like in those Corona ads, with the sound of the waves and shit.

I started doing a bit of research about this dream life, and eventually I stumbled upon California. “California” sounds pretty good, don’t you think? But I had no idea if I was eligible to work in the states or not.

“I’ll just apply, and I’ll figure out the rest if they call me!”

I often do things in reverse way. It costs nothing to try, and the worst thing that could happen was that I wouldn’t hear back from anyone. Why concentrate on the difficulties and details right now? One thing at a time!

I made the effort to update my resume and my Behance portfolio couple of dribbble shot here and there, and to write a little letter of introduction that went something like:

“I’m Claude Piché, a Designer from Montréal, Canada. My Goal is to move to Cali and work with Web Gurus. Here’s my Portfolio. Chow!”

Straight to the point!

I sent it out to twenty-some agencies in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego… Then I sat back and let the universe do the rest.

Image for post
Image for post
On my way down the Golden Coast

A lot of people around me often remark, “Claude, you’re a really lucky guy!”

Honestly, I’ve never really believed in the phenomenon of luck. Sure, winning the lottery is lucky. But having a positive attitude, a willingness to work hard and a little bit of common sense is much more likely to pay off big in the end!

2 months later…

I got home from work on a Monday in October and settled in for a relaxing evening. Like every other day, I owned my roommate in NHL 15 and was enjoying my victory when my phone rang. I looked at the caller i.d. and saw that the number was from San Diego, CA.

– “Hello Claude, this is Susie from Digital Telepathy, I saw that you apply on the UX Designer position”

– “Euh, Euh yes, euh Hello Susie, ”said with a horrific French accent)

We talked for a bit, and at the end of our conversation she announced that I had passed the “scan call” and that the next step of the process would be to complete a skill test for a fictional project.

San Diego? I knew that they have a baseball team and that it’s 20 minutes from Mexico, but nothing else! Oh yes, and I also remembered that there was a t.v. show called “Where in the world is Carmen San Diego” growing up.

I started googling stuff like “Reasons to move in San Diego“and “Top things to do in San Diego”, and I immediately fell in love with the place! I realized that it was a 100% match for the life I was dreaming of. This city has the most microbreweries in America, over 28 km of beach terrain, and without a doubt THE best tacos. Ever.

When the city slogan is “America’s Finest City,” you know you can’t go wrong!

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