Starting over

One year ago…

I lived in a big 4 1/2 at the centre of the Plateau Mont-Royal (Montreal’s greatest neighbourhood), 5 minutes away from work, with an excellent job where I was the “Leader” of a team of top-notch designers in a thriving e-commerce agency.

From a social perspective, I would watch Habs games with my buds at Chez Serge, while of course drinking one (or 2–3) cold Molson beers and yelling the legendary “Cheeeers!”!

My love life was also pretty perfect: I had a fantastic girlfriend who came to visit me every weekend to share some good food and good wine. Happiness!

What more could one ask for? It seemed like the ideal lifestyle to me.


I left it all behind! (Woah, calm down. I’m still with my girlfriend and I still talk hockey with my buds), but the rest… Ciao bye!

I will make a confession to you: I’ve always had a phobia of stasis. Of being comfortable. Of not being challenged. Of not feeling as though I’m growing… I’m scared of being too “well”.

I continuously have the urge to… Start Over.

Starting over

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to press the reset button?

Quit your job. Sell your house. Leave your friends and take a big leap into the unknown. One thing they’ll never teach you in school: how to be brave. I’ve always believed that sometimes you need to take 1 or 2 steps backwards in order to take ten forwards. I’ll always remember something that my brother told me that has guided me over the past few years: “Claude, a chicken doesn’t move forward!”

So why start a blog?

My good friend Gabriel Assouline advised me to write a blog in order to document this incredible experience.

He challenged me to go further than posting 2–3 selfies on Instagram, to show more than snapchats of palm trees or “check-ins” at local bars that no one gives a shit about. He challenged me to share my journey into the unknown with you.

With no viable background in writing, I was hesitant about spending hours trying to formulate ideas or concepts… But it’s an excellent opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone.

And you? What have you done lately?