Social media marketing for small business

If you own a small business and you are trying to figure out what social media marketing is and how to make it work, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about it wrong.

Often, small business owners think that social media marketing is nothing more than advertising. But really, social media marketing (done properly) is actually networking.

Consider this: In 2005, most of us had never heard of Facebook. At the time, it was a social website mostly just for college students. Most of us didn’t even have a Facebook account 10 years ago.

In a decade, the world of business has completely transformed.

It’s no wonder, then, that small business owners don’t have any idea what to do when it comes to marketing their business through social media.

Especially if you are a traditional business owner with a traditional brick-and-mortar business offering goods or services in your local community, you may struggle to even understand whether or not social media marketing is a thing you can use. And very few people know how to use social media the right way to market a small business.

Worse still, there’s seemingly a thousand different social media platforms — anything from Periscope to Twitter to LinkedIn to Pinterest — and it’s hard to know what is worth using and what is not.

And no small business owner, anywhere in the history of small businesses, has the time to deal with it.

At Mooncalf Press, we absolutely understand the frustration small business owners feel when confronted with the overwhelming landscape of social media, and the confusion they feel when trying to market their business in a way that often is completely foreign to them.

Because we work with so many small business owners (and are small business owners ourselves), we know all the things small business owners do to try to avoid having to deal with the problem.

They hire an intern or a college student and turn their social media over to someone younger who knows what they’re doing. They hire their neighbor’s teenage daughter to update their Facebook page. Or they post a photo of merchandise a dozen times a day hoping the right person sees it.

And at Chamber of Commerce meetings they commiserate with fellow small business owners about how social media doesn’t work for them.

But we’re convinced (and have seen it work over and over again) that there is a right strategy for marketing your business through social media, a strategy that will drive customers through your door.

We call this strategy “brand journalism.” Essentially, brand journalism is content marketing, and the content is created around the unique story of your business. It highlights your expertise in your industry. It builds real connections with your customers and potential customers.

And it works.

If you own a small business and you’re tired of feeling like everyone understands social media but you, the thing we would say is: You’re not alone. Very few small business owners are doing a good job of marketing their business through social media.

If you own a small business and you’re frustrated because you don’t think social media can work to market your business in an effective way, the thing we would say is: With the right strategy, social media can be hugely important for your business. Haphazard an impersonal posts or leaving it to your neighbor’s teenage daughter are not strategies.

If you own a small business and you are struggling to keep up or are confused about which social media platforms are right for you, we can offer you solutions that will take away the confusion and make social media marketing a simple thing.

At Mooncalf Press we are dedicated to helping small business owners understand how to better market their business through social media and through their websites. We believe that social media presents business owners with a powerful tool to connect with customers and potential customers.

The thing that is critical is that you create the right kind of content. This is why we encourage our clients to use a storytelling marketing plan where they share the story of their business, their personal story, their employees’ stories, all to build deeper connections with customers and potential customers that will increase brand awareness and build brand loyalty.

The fact is, people do business with people they know. And today, with so many avenues to let people know you, small business owners have an amazing opportunity to connect with their customers. The best way to do this is through a storytelling marketing plan that leverages your website and your social media.

Originally published at on May 6, 2017.