Could This Be The Solution to Having Trouble Getting Loans or Financing?

Have you, or someone you know, ever experienced trouble getting personal loans or auto financing? Were you told that you needed a “strong co-buyer” or a co-signer?

Did they tell you it due to your damaged credit report, or that your credit score was too low?

Credit is a necessity in life, nowadays. Mortgages, cars, credit cards, loans, and so on, all require a healthy credit profile in order to not only be approved, but to also receive reasonable rates. DAMAGED CREDIT means higher interest rates, larger monthly payments, increasing costs of living, and more denials when seeking financial assistance.

Damaged credit can cost you thousands of dollars a year in overpaid interest!

That’s where Pee Dee Credit Repair comes in.

The experts at PD Credit Repair start their repair process by procuring your credit report for you, from all three credit bureaus. From there they analyze your entire report to identify every bit of inaccurate or false information, in order to begin the dispute process on your behalf. This is a demanding process that PD Credit Repair tracks in every detail to ensure that all required processes are followed by all parties (the bureaus, the furnishers, and the client), which is how they maximize positive actions on the disputed items.

Pee Dee Credit Repair is your local Credit Consultation business out of Wallace, SC

PD Credit Repair disputes an industry-leading 8 items per month (24 in total, across the 3 bureaus), allowing them not only ensure an ideal level of detail and attention paid to each item, but allowing them to get you the most for your money compared to competitors.

While averaging 40 pts of improvement to your credit score over only 4 months of work, and potentially saving you over $135,000 on future financing, if not more, you cannot beat the benefits of rebuilding your past, monitoring your present, and building your future for less than $65 per month!

Many have already pursued credit repair, thanks to recent changes to consumer protection laws and the fair credit reporting act. Credit Repair customer, Paula Wright of Mount Vernon, NY, stated, “I would advise everyone who is suffering from low scores or negative items on your report to get help…”

Let the experts of Pee Dee Credit Repair do what they do best, and erase your damaged credit!

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