What is your role?

We all know of the world. But if you think about it in context, isn’t our world a whole lot bigger now? I mean it’s grown hasn’t it? In the course of history and in single lifetimes. The world started off as the embrace of whoever held you, then it was your parents’ arms and then your house, your road, your town, your city all the way up to your planet, your solar system, your galaxy and finally your universe. Maybe not that far?

What is your role in your world? I bet you’re thinking about your friends and your family, you’re thinking about your loves and likes. But perhaps you need to ask, say if you never chose that? You’re a cog in a wheel, a tiny but important piece of the puzzle. The puzzle? That’s life. Not yours or mine or even the last person you told with any sincerity. Yup that person, not them either.

Have you ever painted a picture? It’s a spectacular process isn’t it? You get all the materials together, such as the easel, the brushes, the paint, the turpentine and most importantly the canvas. There’s a little thing I forgot, the pencil. See the pencil is incredibly important. It’s how the artist sketches the idea before applying any paint. It’s upon those lines and in those spaces that the artist applies paint.

It’s important not just to capture an object or a dream, but it’s important to capture it properly. So suddenly if you’ve got an object, you start to apply light and shadow and before your know it, the light and the shadow are consistent everywhere, the lines of perspective are correct and you’ve created something, you’ve captured something, you are something.

As an artist, you strive to create or sometimes recreate, but you strive. You provoke and people ask themselves questions such as what does this mean to you? and what does it mean to me? What was going through your mind as you captured that? But it’s the question of what was going through my mind as I saw it and what will be going through the next person’s mind when they see it? I guess we’re back to the lines of perspective.

So let me ask, when you created that image, that spectacular image, what happened to the stuff that you couldn’t see from where you created that window? Did it cease to exist because you didn’t consider it part of that moment? Is it possible for a world to exist beyond your considerations? Were your blind-spots actually a part of your art and you didn’t know it?

When you think of the past, the myths and the legends, there’s a famous one of Hercules. From a time gone, a time when people believed in the likes of half-gods or Demigods. And we’ve all heard of related tales of the ascension to God. But we’re a society that actually attempts to explain the modern gods as a single entity. What if it was possible for a God to ascend? What if the Egyptian and Greek gods ascended? Then they’d have Highgods? and if it was even possible to ascend beyond that? Sovereigns? Beyond that? Overgods? And then one last time beyond that, eventually a Universe Creator?

So obsessed with the thought of a single entity that we’ve left out the hierarchy. We’ve amalgamated Gods, Universe Creators and everything in between for the luxury of ignorance. Though in some cultures it remains immortalised in folklore. If one man or woman, can ascend those many steps and create a universe, then what is your role?

In order to keep a universe working and I want you to really grasp the scale of things we’re talking about. Our galaxy is tiny, it’s a speck on a speck. And in that speck on a speck, smaller than a 1000th of a speck is the solar system and in that, somewhere towards the sun, is us, a tiny blue dot. Now within that blue dot is you. What is your role?

You’re there to do all the things that you’ve done and will ever do, because you’re simply turning, interacting with him and her and her and even that. Just because someone created something and for it to be alive, it needs moving parts. You’re one of those moving parts, by existing you’re helping the other moving parts to do their role. What if that’s your world?

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