Ordinary People Can Have Awesome Lives Too

My feed here at Medium tends to be flooded with articles from writers from all over the world telling me how to be awesome like that millionaire in the coffee shop or that billionaire I camped with the other night who was super insightful but also somehow super vague.

See, these articles get in your head and you start to believe the only way you will be valued in the world is to either be a billionaire or be on the billionaire’s path.

That might be true. From the world’s point of view.

No one is beating down my door, or any of my neighbor’s doors, asking them their perspectives on life. You have to have some moolah to be important in the world. Anyone remember the end of Tom Sawyer?

But remember this. You also have something special within you. You are a conduit of the spirit and a creator of the world, not just a passive clone here playing monkey see monkey do. You do not have to adopt the mindset passively. You can act!

You can mothafuckin do your thang!

You can put your spirit in this world with just as much power and force as a billionaire.

You can have an awesome life too.

“Follow your own star.”

Remember that.