So Your Life Sucks

A brief anti-how-to

Warning: This post is unsubstantiated by Science

So your life has become one routine after another. Your days are some variant of 9–5 task maintenance or another variant of 9–5 task maintenance, and all you want is someone to tell you a step-by-step formula for getting you out of the rut.

Well, that’s not going to happen because formulas are the antithesis of fun and excitement. Formulas suck all the joy out of life. That’s right! Formulas suck all the joy out of life! That’s just the nature of formulas. They are reliable, safe, steady, and predictable, and fun and excitement are not. Formulas are also the motivators of 9–5 routines, and the diggers of ruts, which are basically mini-graves for not-quite-totally-dead people to waste their lives while trying to figure out ways to stave off death. So, does it make any sense to get out of a rut using a tool that is designed to dig ruts?


Make that a big fat no!

So, if you’re stuck in a rut, and you don’t want to be any more, turn off that formulaic rut switch in your mind and do some--anything--new.

I won’t even give you any suggestions because suggestions might be construed as a formula.


I hope this helps.

Patrick Dugan is a writer and backpacker who has zero tech or start-up accomplishments. He plans to remain accomplishmentless in those contexts, too. If you found any value in this post, any whatsoever, tap that heart, follow, and sign up to the list below.

Until next time, have a good day, you filthy animals! :P

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