Since HBO PR Game Of Throne’s final season’s recent episodes have made it painfully clear how little D&D care about what was established previously here’s my rewrite that helps me sleep at night. :D

Magic, Gods and Night King

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• First, why are there powerful characters like Melisandre and prophecies like Azor Ahai? Why do gods pull strings behind the scenes at all? My take is simple: if there’s no people there can be no gods. Gods, magic, and beings are intertwined. White walkers wish to destroy all beings, so gods help out of self-interest.

Maybe humans have just two gods: life and death, because they are mortal. And both of those have multiple names and faces. Life is represented as Lord of Light, R’hllor, the fire god, etc. Death is known as the Many Faced God, the Drowned God, the Stranger in the Faith of the Seven, etc.
Children of the Forest, who are immortal non-human entities, might have a single god: the green gods or Old Goods. Or maybe there’s no gods and it’s just magic all the way down. The idea is a bit messy but I guess my main point is that gods or magic in this universe has a vested interest in helping humans solve this mess, so that’s why there’s characters like Melisandre trying to help people.


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