There goes Lucky our friend

he lives three blocks away

jolly as he skips back home

Lucky is such a Lucky chap

While for us we had father

blessed also with the warmth mother exudes

Lucky makes us green in envy

For he has himself two fathers

When in school it’s ‘mother’s day’

all our mums are seen to chat

and right there at the corner wing

we all can see one of Lucky’s dads

Yesterday we wore sweaters

mine was blue, others in colours too

we all had our names knitted

but neither of Lucky’s father could

Tomorrow we’ll be there to cheer

our mothers will be singing

will they allow either of Lucky’s fathers?

Perhaps it’s time to rent a mom

All of us has God-mothers

we love them for the bear gifts

but if Lucky’s has only fathers

does he need a god-mother?

Every time we get to talk

All save one talk of mothers

After all, his is different.

Originally published at on July 27, 2016.