Nigeria: Education and the curriculum
Aidee Erhime

Your position is right and although I don’t teach, I noticed this while conducting a research a while ago.

The problem is that policies are made regarding almost everything including curriculum from the Centre, FCT. In true Federal states, these policies are made by the respective regions as influenced by the counties(local government). This approach is not only better but more practical. You can’t have a person who lived all his life in Say Kano before appointment to Abuja make policy and prepare curriculum for pre-primary and primary students in say Koko,Delta State or Awka Etiti in Anambra State.

He’s lost to the prevalent teaching methods and styles nor aware of the particular need of children born in particular areas.

Now imagine this in say Agricultural sector where someone in Abuja makes policies and decides what fertilizer is imported for the whole country without due regard for the soil structure in saw Ogbomoso, Oyo State or Kogi State Cashew areas…

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