Peep Shop Grand Opening

Art + Culture + Memes = Peep Shop

From the collective minds of a degen, a designer, an illustrator, and a developer, together, we are the singular art brand Peep Shop NFT. Because art should be for everyone, art should be understood by everyone. Every peeple! Stories are cultural carriers that’s why we maximized our medium to reflect peeple’s journey through crypto, NFT and WEB3. Doodley lines and colors are placed intentionally to keep relevant in the present while setting up our course for long term.


The pop art influence has been a huge part of our art project development for it inspired us to put out the work out there. It’s something that peeple should enjoy, relate to and share laughter from. This is what sets us apart from most projects. We put value in the art simply by being creatively excellent and infusing the culture and the memes to relate to many if not all peeple.

You gÜd?

This first collection is varied from multiple art goodies to keep the goal of representing peeple’s identity through PFP and social banners, and tell their story through collectible posters. We remain faithful to building value on top of another by pursuing the art aspect of the project. The community in which the project is built with, and for, plays a huge role in pushing the art forward. If there are no peeple, there should be no Peep Shop. With this we are not limiting the art project vision to its art as to speak. With the technology being built around NFTs, it should complement, support and even develop the art in a way that it remains true to its being NFT.

Peeple Power!

The Peep Shop’s grand opening is happening around this time where many peeple are walking away due to market conditions, but it’s just fair and timely to not be withdrawn to the profit side of things. So the Shop will now be opening and operating mainly for the peeple that chose to stay, hodl and buidl. We share with you the same heart towards this revolutionary technology.

The BUIDL life chose me.

We are just getting started!


Peep O. Peepo

Art Director of Peep Shop NFT




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