All I want for Christmas is a Big-A$$ Bonus!

Christmas Bonus?

Remember the good old days, when employers handed out Christmas bonuses? No? Me either! These days, not having to work on Christmas day is the new Christmas bonus!

This reminds me of a guy who ran a local business. Every Christmas he gave out beautiful hams to his best customers to thank them for their patronage. One year, the ham delivery was delayed, and he received phone calls from customers asking “Where is the Christmas ham?” “Aren’t we getting one this year?” The guy was furious, and felt like giving the ham had become an expected chore rather than a welcome surprise. He swore he’d never give out another Christmas ham again!

Now, perhaps there were a couple of ungrateful ham-lovers, or perhaps the gift had become an expectation that some customers relied on. Either way, it is a clear reminder that some benefits can quickly be taken for granted. They can end up just costing you money without delivering the intended “surprise-and-delight” outcome. Perhaps that’s why employers have moved away from Christmas bonuses?

Thankfully, for most people, there are other work benefits that matter more to them than a once-a-year bonus. We recently surveyed some peepl, and asked them which work benefits really float their boat?

What work benefits float your boat?

86% chose flexible work hours & location as a true boat-floatin’ benefit. And free parking beat out a large Christmas bonus for second place. What does this tell us? It just reinforces what we already know — convenience trumps all else.

An old friend of mine, Brian Woolf, is considered by many to be the Godfather of Loyalty Marketing. In all of his research of customer behaviour, he came to the conclusion that the drivers of customer satisfaction, and loyalty, included: convenience... then daylight... then price, service, product-range and safety. There is daylight between convenience and every other behaviour driver. Convenient location trumps price. Convenient parking trumps service. Convenient checkout trumps product-range. People are primarily driven by convenience.

Don’t underestimate the happiness a little extra convenience in your life can bring. When thinking about your dream role, consider benefits like free parking next door to work or being able to work from home every second Thursday. These conveniences can benefit your life much more than an extra $5k in your pay packet or a $500 Christmas bonus.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to figure out what floats your boat here.

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