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Working on an email campaign? Use mailchimp? Not seeing results ? Maybe its because your emails are going to spam or promotions. Here are some small things you can do to get your email mailing list in front of your audience.

5 Ways to get e-mails to enter the inbox

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan

There are a number of ways you can personalize your newsletters. You can add pictures, fonts, create a header, etc. Write the newsletter you want and when you are ready, you can, and should, begin test sending your email. This is when you can find out if your newsletter is being sent to the promotions or spam folders. There is a limit to how many test emails you can send, so remember to create replicas as you test your newsletter! …

Are the people you consider to be your friends, really your friends? In a world dominated by social media, real friends are far and few. Who would you consider to be your closest friend? Do you know if that person feels the same way? In most cases, individuals do not know whether their closest friend feel the same about them because oftentimes, friendship is just something that is assumed, rather than stated. …

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Food, one of the most important resources on this planet, is rapidly accelerating the global warming crisis. If you think about it, food isn’t environmentally regulated like cars or factories for a simple reason: eating one plate of food affects global warming very little and food is a basic necessity.

Yet, consuming food every day, such as red meat, will over time add up to lots of carbon dioxide emissions. You may ask yourself: why? The simple answer is that growing food takes lots of land, equipment, and water.

Your eating patterns can determine the amount of water used and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, if you eat meat every day, you use more water and indirectly contribute to the rise in methane (from cows and other farmed animals) and carbon dioxide (from the animals that are breed for consumption). …



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