Working on an email campaign? Use mailchimp? Not seeing results ? Maybe its because your emails are going to spam or promotions. Here are some small things you can do to get your email mailing list in front of your audience.

5 Ways to get e-mails to enter the inbox

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan

There are a number of ways you can personalize your newsletters. You can add pictures, fonts, create a header, etc. Write the newsletter you want and when you are ready, you can, and should, begin test sending your email. This is when you can find out if…

Are the people you consider to be your friends, really your friends? In a world dominated by social media, real friends are far and few. Who would you consider to be your closest friend? Do you know if that person feels the same way? In most cases, individuals do not know whether their closest friend feel the same about them because oftentimes, friendship is just something that is assumed, rather than stated. To complicate matters, modern technology has overall greatly reduced the quality of our relationships as social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and PeepX, emphasize quantity of friendships…

Food, one of the most important resources on this planet, is rapidly accelerating the global warming crisis. If you think about it, food isn’t environmentally regulated like cars or factories for a simple reason: eating one plate of food affects global warming very little and food is a basic necessity.

Yet, consuming food every day, such as red meat, will over time add up to lots of carbon dioxide emissions. You may ask yourself: why? The simple answer is that growing food takes lots of land, equipment, and water.

Your eating patterns can determine the amount of water used and…

Since when do you eat out and not snap a picture of your perfectly plated food? For most of us, it’s never.

Food has recently become more of a photoshoot then, well, a place to actually curb your hunger.

PeepX has come up with the Top 5 Places in LA that you can do both at this summer.

Without further ado…

(Warning: mouth watering may occur. PeepX is not responsible for any drooling damages on shirts, tables or pillows)

1. Eggslut Breakfast Sandwich

Remember the guy who tells the teacher to collect the homework when the bell rings or the guy who appeared in the yearbooks but you’ve never seen them in your life? Yea, every high school has these. Social Networks too have their high school stereotype counterpart. Find out which stereotype is your favorite network.

1. Instagram: The Wannabe Popular Kid

Everyone wants to have better friends. We can all recall a time when a friend has let us down. Today we’ll look at what makes a true friend and how to find them.

What’s considered a Friend ?

People use the word “friend” very loosely nowadays without actually knowing the meaning and what friend stand for. A friend may have things in in common like the same goals or ambitions that you wish to accomplish . They may have similar interests in , food, music, travel, fashion, sports…etc. These may be nice but don’t be fooled. …

In the 1970s, New York City seethed with underground artistic energy that jostled the city like the constant rock and roll of subway trains rumbling underneath the crumbling streets and avenues. Of the dozens — maybe hundreds — of those artists who were reinventing the city’s art scene, two people stood out. They were both graffiti artists that produced impromptu pieces that began to create a buzz among the city’s art lovers. Yet, despite being equally talented, equally creative, and equally ambitious, only one of these artists would go on to become a world famous artist until his untimely death…

Image Credit: Nicole/Flickr Creative Commons

Social anxiety is a real condition that affects millions of people. The fear of engaging socially can also have real mental — stress and loneliness — and even physical effects. While some people who have social anxiety use social media to stay social, but avoid social encounters, some experts suggest there are ways to use social media to help manage the condition, or, at the very least, minimize the effects the condition can have on their mental and physical health.

Use It To Make Connections

Social media is good for making connections, according to Very Well Mind, especially when people…

Social media should be designed to broaden your horizons, not shrink to your screen size.

Social media sites — as they’re currently designed — are made to do one thing and one thing only: They’re designed to keep you attached to social media. It’s designed to keep you looking at your screen — for one more meme, one more video, and, especially for one more advertisement — while the rest of the world passes you by.

At least two studies have shown that this excessive and obsessive use of social media can have negative mental health consequences, reported Forbes Magazine. One study — conducted by the University of Pennsylvania — found that study participants who…

Social media was supposed to be, well, social. But, obviously, if you read the click-bait headlines, something went wrong. Somewhere between building the platforms for engagement and sucking up every bit of privacy data to help sell ads, social media developers began to build networks that weren’t social at all. In fact, they were more isolating, more vitriolic, and less engaging.

PeepX wants to end that. We want to reinvent social media to deliver on its original promise. Our platform is designed to let you engage with people in the real world and in real time. You can use it…


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