Let me tell you what Peerce is about. Peerce is about an ambitious project and a story of passionated people. Peerce is a passion for the product and a product we are passionate about. Peerce is about a re-shaped user experience and a whole new design system.

Peerce, working with email has never been cooler.

First, what Peerce is not…

❌ … the 1000th web app that brings nothing to the user

Our goal is definitely not to copy others and to create the same app that you have already tried ten times. We want to re-think the whole way we work with emails and really increase both your productivity and the pleasure your take when you’re reading and answering your emails. We are measuring…

When you tell your closest friends in the middle of the Covid crisis: “Ok, I’ve been working on my startup project for 4 months now, I’m gonna launch it today”, this is how they react:

Are you crazy???

Yep, I guess this is also your reaction. “Why launching now?” ; “You’ve been waiting for 4 months, can’t you wait for 2 more months?” ; “Are you that stupid?”…

Well, I will let you know in 4 points why I do think this is the right time for launching our product and how you should evaluate if it is the right time to launch…

Today we publish our first ever article on Peerce’s Medium page. Youhou! 🙌

We are so glad that you can finally discover the project. There are so many things we want to tell you! What is Peerce? Why do we want to launch such a product? Where do we want to go? What is our goal?

But first, let’s talk (just between you and me). …

Peerce | Email with 💜

A mailbox that allows you to write messages people actually wants to read. https://www.peerce.app.

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