Let me tell you what Peerce is about. Peerce is about an ambitious project and a story of passionated people. Peerce is a passion for the product and a product we are passionate about. Peerce is about a re-shaped user experience and a whole new design system.

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Peerce, working with email has never been cooler.

First, what Peerce is not…

❌ … the 1000th web app that brings nothing to the user

Our goal is definitely not to copy others and to create the same app that you have already tried ten times. We want to re-think the whole way we work with emails and really increase both your productivity and the pleasure your take when you’re reading and answering your emails. We are measuring, testing, iterating with users and beta-testers. This product will bring value.

❌ … the 1000th web app that was built without meeting customer needs

First, we are creating a product WE want to use in our daily lives. For personal and professional emails, we want this app to become essential. And we wanted to be sure that we were not the only ones who faced those types of issues with our current inboxes. So we didn’t read many articles and analysis from whatever great consulting firm. We decided to go on the ground and to talk to people (freelances, HR, sales, designers, developers, marketers, management, …), as many as possible, and see how do they use their mailbox and what makes them tired, bored, frustrated. You will find our path to Product/Market fit in our next article!

❌ … the 1000th web app that is going to… crash!

Because we want to answer to a real need and because we think that the market is huge, we think we can “cross the chasm” and find funds or directly get revenues from users to keep developing and improving the app (and make it irresistible 😍).

Peerce is…

📕 …a story

As I mentioned in the first article about Peerce, the idea didn’t come from nowhere. We grew up in France, near Paris and after being graduated from the best universities of Europe, we choose to see what the world had to offer in terms of technology, experience and people. I personally went to UC Berkeley in order to complete my Master with classes on innovation (AI specialty) and entrepreneurship.

With my cofounder, we had already built a first startup in France, but the service we provided could not reach that many people and we wanted to create a true tech product.

We decided to create a company with a wider and a wilder spirit and launch in the United States first. People here in San Francisco and in the States are more generally open to new technology, they enjoy discovering new tools and always seek for productivity and time saving.

But among all of that, we enjoyed San Francisco. We enjoyed California. We found the idea (well — the problem hum) here, so we wanted to develop the solution here.

🚀 …an ambition

Peerce aims at solving people’s problems. And one of the biggest problem of the 21rst century in the workplace is DEALING with EMAILS. Dealing with all that information we receive everyday and be productive about it. Our mission: to change the way you handle email in the best possible way.

(And you’re gonna love it 😉)

💜 …a passion for the product

At Peerce, we love the product. Everyone we work with is passionate about the product and the tech, the user experience and productivity. Product Design, Product Development and Growth are what we do all day long. We want to re-think and to re-shape an old product that you use all the time. And we do it with passion. Actually, we are passionate about our mission. And we are passionate about our users that help us so much to redesign the whole experience (huge fans of you guys).

🎉 Finally, Peerce is a web app that aims at making emails great again!

Oh Yeah. That is our final goal. Because we think emails are not outdated, far from it actually. The number of emails sent each day keeps growing, despite all the new technologies such as Slack or equivalent.

  • We want you to be surprised when you check your emails, whether it’s on your smartphone or on your computer.
  • We want you to be happy when you are writing emails, whether you start a new conversation or reply to a long emails loop.
  • We want you to feel satisfied and proud when you complete a task or clear your inbox.

We want you to enjoy the whole experience. Welcome to Peerce.

💌 For updates about the story of Peerce App, sign up here.

(Stay safe #stayathome 💜)

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A mailbox that allows you to write messages people actually wants to read. https://www.peerce.app.

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