🚀 We’re launching a startup in the middle of the COVID crisis — “Are you guys crazy??”

When you tell your closest friends in the middle of the Covid crisis: “Ok, I’ve been working on my startup project for 4 months now, I’m gonna launch it today”, this is how they react:

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Are you crazy???

Yep, I guess this is also your reaction. “Why launching now?” ; “You’ve been waiting for 4 months, can’t you wait for 2 more months?” ; “Are you that stupid?”…

Well, I will let you know in 4 points why I do think this is the right time for launching our product and how you should evaluate if it is the right time to launch your startup or wait for a few more months.

Despite the fact that everyone is at home, confined, life goes on. We need to feed ourselves, we keep online shopping, we need products to take care of our bodies, we enjoy leisures and buy some books and video games…

All of that activities keep going and need to be run by people. Customer services, delivery services, industrial productions, software developments, communication agencies, and on and on.

You all keep working, but you work from home.

WFH means the increase in the use of communication tools, of organizational tools, and more importantly, it means more and more emails. More emails are sent, more emails are read and you eventually spend more time processing your emails. This is exactly why Peerce needs to show you the relevance of its value proposition.

Take-outs of Part 1 If the environment of the confinement (WFH for instance) and more broadly of an economic crisis is conductive to a good opportunity for the use of your product, don’t wait any longer, launch it!

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The journey is long, so you have to hold on. © Diane B.

More free time means more likely to try new things out and to be receptive to targeted messages.

People who might be interested in Peerce have more free time and will spend more time on the internet: reading personalized content, seeing more targeted ads, watching videos… This will make it easier for Peerce to reach them and make itself known to them.

Take-outs of Part 2Always take into consideration your target. Do your work and create personas. Know who your users and customers are, what they like, what they do in life. You will be able to seize some opportunities with a customer-oriented mindset.

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The hourglass is running out… Tick tock.

Indeed, it is really important to take into account the cash burn . We had decided to spend our savings on this project. We only had a few more weeks to live with the remaining cash.

So we definitely needed to choose between: stopping the project and going back to freelance missions or jobs OR launching the product (at least the landing page and the content marketing) and try to get some traction out of it and to evaluate if the needs we believed we had discovered could be verified with true figures.

Take-outs of Part 3Even if the cash limitation should not be the real condition in your choice of launching your startup, you definitely need to take it into account. Sometimes, this material obligation can turn into a real boost to finally get started!

We must stop taking for granted the preconceived idea that the day a start-up is launched is crucial. Far from it. Starting a business is a marathon, not a sprint: you have to stick to it over time and it’s certainly not an article or a publication on LinkedIn or Facebook that will help you find customers and become a unicorn.

The opportunity is there, people are at home, emails are flourishing, so it’s time to find people who would be interested in our solution.

Take-outs of Part 4 What is important to remember is that creating a startup is a continuous work, which is not limited to a rush of one week or even one month. “Consistency over perfection” is the key!

Timing is important when launching a startup, either a product or a service. But timing isn’t just about market’s maturity, it can be a question of environment, of circumstances, of opportunities… Timing is also about the founders and their venture. The personal and professional backgrounds matter in the decision making.

Don’t forget that we are human beings and that sometimes not having enough money is the only way to get ahead by standing against a wall. And we must say, we are really happy!

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(We hope that you all folks are safe #stayathome 💜)

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