An Advanced Cryptocurrency Ticker Utilizing Gems

How will we use the Gems?

All new users will be provided 100 Gems at start, and will predict the cryptocurrencies’ future value in the next 24 hours by using the provided markets’ average value. The predictions can be made with 1 to 10 Gems, which will be doubled for an accurate prediction at the end of the 24 hours.

Every 24 hours, we will check the Gem balance and we will deposit 10 Gems as a gift for the users with a zero Gem balance.

Also, in-App purchase will be available to buy more gems. The web version of the application will allow all users to convert Gems to GUESS tokens, which will transform the Gems earned in the game to a real-life value.

The GUESS tokens will be provided from our liquidation reserves. By limiting the Gems between a minimum of 1 and maximum of 10 within a 24- hour interval, we will ensure to prevent large payouts at early stages.

For the later stages, we are planning to raise the limits as high as possible, including short-term and long-term guesses and lower/higher multiplier options.

My Guesses

How will you implement tokens in the mobile world, what is your plan?

Due to restrictions imposed by Apple, it is currently not possible to introduce a currency that could be bought outside of the In-App Purchase system, nor it is possible to sell a feature or alike through something other than the In-App Purchase system. In other words, especially on the Apple side, we can’t enable people to play with the tokens. Whereas we also know that if the application is in a cross platform, and the version you have does not support the other one, Apple is not interested in users buying the Gems from somewhere else.

In short, we will have an In-App Purchase system for Apple and Google side, but we will also have Web, Facebook and other platforms in which we will introduce systems to convert Gems to Tokens and buy Gems with Tokens with super high discounts of more than 50%.

Gems History

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Peerguess Token Sale Starts on 28 October, 2017 07:00 AM PDT

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