Peerguess Android App Has Been Officially Released in Google Play


Hello dear Peerguess community, we have great news about our Android app. The time has come, Peerguess Android app has been officially released and is now available in Google Play. To all of our Android using community members, please download our Android app with the link below.

Peerguess Android app download link:

Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback for us. We forward your feedback to our developers so that we can keep Peerguess mobile applications (both Android and iOS versions) functional with new improvements. We strongly believe that the release of our Android app was a great milestone that achieved!

Peerguess App in Google Play

Other than that, Peerguess iOS app is already available out there in App Store. You can simply download and start using it from the link below.

Peerguess iOS app download link:

Marketing Activities After the Release of our Android App

For the marketing activities, our Android app release was an important achievement. A strong marketing campaign will start. Many marketing offers were considered so far. So far, the interaction in Android platform is going very efficiently, we are closely watching the download and registration statistics in Google Play. We also need your support in social media and online platforms in this way.

About Venture News

There are serious partnership news for Peerguess project. We reached an agreement with a venture and they will invest in our project! More details will be provided later on. As of now, due to mutual privacy agreement, we cannot provide these details. When the time comes, the details will be announced in our official channels.

GUESS Token, IB Offer and Exchanges

GUESS token is listed and available on Yobit, Idex, TokenStore, Forkdelta, MacroExchange. We also aim to get listed on greater exchanges for sure, but, please bear in mind that this is a progress. Eventually, GUESS will be listed on greater exchanges. In addition to this, our marketing team has created two different IB (investbox) offers in Yobit exchange platform. The purpose of our IB offers is to reward our supporters and community members. Please don’t forget this. We will keep rewarding our supporters.

GUESS on Yobit:

To conclude, please don’t hesitate to make your suggestions to take Peerguess project to the next level. Peerguess team would like to hear from you, so you can always reach us via our official Telegram group.

Peerguess official Telegram group:

Peerguess official Twitter account:

Peerguess official Bitcointalk ANN thread:

Until Next Time,

Peerguess Team


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