What Will I Get in Return If I Invest in Peerguess?

When you invest in peerguess project;

➤ You will be able to see Cumulative Guess Analytics

➤ You will get data from Recommendation Engine, Stigmergic Quantitative Data modules

➤ You will be able to Auto-Trade

➤ You will have a chance to get GUESS tokens for much less than its possible future market value

➤ You will get bonus Gems and your Gem conversion rate will be higher

➤ Any investment made during the ICO will also remove the application ads permanently

What Will I Do With GUESS Tokens When the Project Is Live?

➤ You will be accessing the privileged user sections depending on your investment tier.

➤ You can buy Gems with more than 50% off AppStore price (depending on actual GUESS token market value).

➤ Every Sunday morning, we will distribute 100 Gems to all holders of the GUESS tokens for each 10,000 GUESS tokens they kept for 7 days. For example, a token holder with 25,000 GUESS tokens will receive 250 free Gems on Sunday morning.

➤ You will certainly sell/buy and leverage from the possible raise of market value as we are targeting at least to have 1 GUESS = $0.20 after the project is live, and a huge raise afterwards.

Peerguess token sale is live! 1689 ETH raised so far! Click here to see details about peerguess ICO.

Official Links of peerguess

Website: https://peerguess.com/

Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2199333.0

Twitter: https://twitter.com/peerguess

Telegram: https://t.me/peerguess

White Paper: http://bit.do/peerguesswp

Peerguess Bounty: http://bit.do/peerguess-bounties

E-mail: info@peerguess.com

Medium: https://medium.com/@peerguess

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