4 Reasons Why It Rocks to Be a Freelance Photographer

Freelancers usually pick on building a business out of skills they have experience in, or things they love to do anyway. That’s when freelance work wouldn’t seem like work anymore; it’d seem more like fun. Meanwhile, you get paid to do what you like to do best.

Photography is one of the most fun things to do, even for non-professionals. There’s just something about freezing time in photographs and some people happen to build a profession out of that.

Here are four reasons why it absolutely rocks to be a freelance photographer:

It’s called labor of love

Freelance photographers don’t just take pictures because they should. They get into photography in the first place because they love photography.

You’d spend a lifetime with the nitty-gritty of photos, editing, special effects, and tweaking photos to the point that they are professionally obsessed with their equipment, software, and the actual photographs.

It pays well. Period

Here’s a helpful post from DIY photography as to how much a freelance photographer should charge but given the usual trend, it’s highly paid, well-respected, and pretty much frictionless sale for experienced freelance photographers.

As with all forms of freelancing, you’ll do your due diligence and work from the bottom up. But when you get to the top and when you have enough experience to back you up, it’s one of best-paid freelancing niches ever.

Countless opportunities

There are several niches within freelance photography such as travel, wildlife, weddings, street photography, candid photography, and more. Freelance photographers can choose to specialize in any of these. Or you could take the general route.

The point is this: there are plenty of takers for any genre of photography. Count in all those magazines, newspapers, publications, blogs, stock photo sites, design projects, and many other parallel opportunities thanks to the proliferation of the web in addition to print media.

The photos can be products

In addition to all of the above, there’s also a way for you to sell your own photos, all by yourself. Put up a website or use a specialist ecommerce platform exclusive for photographers such as Smug Mug and you are essentially on your own, tapping into the big wide world of ecommerce and global opportunities.

You’d have to do everything in terms of marketing your website (just as you’d market any website or even your freelance photography business). Over time, it could be a great channel for your branding and sales.

These are great times to be alive, and in business. It’s no less an opportunity for freelance photographers too.

Go and hit it. What are you snapping away at?

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Originally published at peerhustle.com on October 8, 2015.