5 Tips To Make More Money As a Freelance Photographer

Freelance Photographers are in a great position to not just do freelancing but also enjoy what they do, give a twist of the visual to the world and offer their services for the benefit of the community. We recently wrote why it rocks to be a freelance photographer but the fun ride doesn’t end with that.

There are chances that any freelance photographer can make even more money, in various ways. Here’s some juice on How to Make More Money as a Freelance Photographer:

Go local or International (as the case may be)

As a freelance photographer, the world is your oyster. Today, the world is borderless, digital, and you can reach out to absolutely anyone.

If you have been primarily focusing on the International market, it’s time to look into your national or local market. Likewise, if you’ve been only concentrating on your local area of country, go global.

Create your own niche or go strong on one niche

There are a few well-trodden niches in freelance photography such as wildlife, microphotography, travel, weddings, etc. Never spread yourself too thin and be all over the place. While it’s ok to dabble with all niches when you are learning, it’s best if you focus. You’d need a lifetime of experience in a single niche to truly become a pro at what you do.

Even better, create your own niche? Wildlife is broad. How about just the Amazon basin or the wild African forests? Travel photography is broad. Can you pick on a single, narrower niche such as Southeast Asia?

Start a studio

The only problem (if you want to call it that) with freelancing is that you’d trade your time and expertise for money. Some of us have this entrepreneurial streak and if you do too, then you’ll suffocate from the fact that you don’t have much time in a day. Plus, no business is a real business without leverage.

Start a studio, if it’s leverage that you want. Setup a full-fledged photography business — complete with the people, processes, and equipment.

Teach others

You have the skills and others would love to learn. Bring your skills to the masses by training them on the basics of photography or take up advanced classes. You can teach online and offline. You can also conduct special workshops, seminars, and webinars.

The world waits to hear from you.

Write a book

If you are a freelance photographer with enough experience under the belt, you have a book in you. Books, when successful, would mean a residual stream of income, fame, and provide you with another unbeatable layer of credibility and exposure.

So, what are you going to do?

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Originally published at peerhustle.com on October 9, 2015.