Ecommerce For Freelance Writers? Here’s How You Do It

According to Statista, worldwide B2B sales amounted to a whopping 1.2 trillion dollars in the year 2013. More than 40% of worldwide Internet users have bought online and that’s a eye-popping 1 billion online buyers (and growing).

Wondering why we are talking about ecommerce for freelance writers? What does ecommerce has anything to do with freelance writing?


Here’s how ecommerce presents an amazing opportunity for freelance writers (among others), and how you can leverage this phenomenon:

Ecommerce stores are a goldmine

Think about it. When we are talking ecommerce, we are talking ecommerce stores. Each ecommerce store has an endless list of products, pages, and probably a blog. Stores also have social media accounts and at least one newsletter going out.

All of that is content — from blogging to copywriting, product descriptions to SEO, from guest blogging to social media management, from basic pages to email newsletters.

All that’s called opportunity. Right there, in your face.

Ever wanted focus? You got it

One of the secrets to doing well with freelance writing is relentless focus. This laser-like focus not only pertains to the art and business of freelancing but also the niche you write on. So, you have bloggers, magazine writers, copywriters, and technical writers.

Like wise, you can choose to just work for ecommerce stores globally. Nothing else. You’d eventually find many such clients on PeerHustle [], but you get the point, don’t you?

Sell your services

It’s a no-brainer but it’d be great if you can sell your services directly off your little ecommerce site.

With nothing more than a simple website and a Paypal button, you’d be well on your way to package and sell your services directly to clients all over the world.

Productize and sell your service

Online businesses are all writing businesses. Everything depends on copy and that’s exactly what you provide. However, your freelancing is limited by the amount of time you have on your hands, your proclivity to work, and your ability (physical and/or mental) to work.

You can productize your service, just like Dan Norris did it for WordPress fixes at WPCurve.

This could very well be your little experiment with ecommerce yourself.

Start and launch your ecommerce store

Given all your freelance writing skills (and of course, a little bit of everything else), you are the perfect position to launch your own ecommerce store.

Whether you’d choose to write and develop copy yourself or hire others to do it for you, at least you’d know how to run the business well. Inbound marketing is your forte and that’s what you need to make your ecommerce store successful.

Ecommerce is here to stay. In the U.S and globally, it’s just the beginning. Are you going to ride this huge phenomenon?

Tell us about it.


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Originally published at on September 28, 2015.