Top Rainmaker Habits Every Freelancer Should Develop

Some habits are bad; some are good. Further, some habits die-hard. We sometimes wish we freelancers developed some strong, productive habits so that these habits don’t die and we profit.

As freelancers, we basically manage everything ourselves. Every minute we don’t use is a minute lost with a dollar tag attached to it. As such, it’s imperative that we develop habits that help us achieve what we need.

Here are some Success Habits For Freelancers that we know will help:

The reading habit

Reading a must for everyone. Business owners, executives, students, and freelancers — everyone should read. It’s that one habit that has the potential to make you money.

Invest in books or go for the digital versions. Use gadgets, if that helps, and read every waking moment of your life. It might be clichéd, but knowledge is power.

The marketing habit

If there’s another skill that directly earns you money, it’s the habit of marketing. We would like to call this a habit because for one, you’ll need to do it everyday.

You’ll need to do this well, and you should be able to do it even when the days seem low, and when all you want to do is to leave everything behind and run. Whether you bid for new projects, send out new proposals, or perhaps place calls — do it every single day.

The habit of living with uncertainty

Projects are here today, gone tomorrow. Your clients will not do business with you forever. Nothing lasts forever. A freelancer’s life is filled with uncertainty every single day. Can you live with it? Can you stomach the seemingly precarious, unstable, and an almost fluid calendar?

Make it a habit to lower your expectations and to go with the flow. Ensure that nothing ever affects you. Let projects & clients come and go. Let employees or contractors come and go. Just get into the habit of living with uncertainty; you’ll be glad you did.

The habit of experimenting

Do you blog? Experiment with a new voice. Do you use web-based tools for running and managing your business? Begin to experiment with new tools.

If you have been working in one particular fashion, try out new newer methods. Consider experimenting with new businesses, new ways of doing your already existing businesses, etc. Experiment with everything but don’t worry about making mistakes. Making mistakes is your ticket to premium learning and real-world experience.

What habits have you developed lately? What is that one habit that you are proud that you have?

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Originally published at on October 6, 2015.