Movies that can watch online with Family

Most of the latest Indian films are available online, below are some of the best films that you can watch with your family members.


This is an online Indian movie that is acted in the Hindi language. This film is a comedy-drama that features Akshay Kumar as well as Huma Qureshi. This is a film worth watching if you are a person who enjoys comedy and drama. The major actor who is Akshay manages to change in different scenes of the movie.


This is also one of the best films that will leave you yearning for more. This online Indian movie is about a police officer named Akshay Kumar. Akshay depicts heroic traits by the manner in which he hunts down a terrorist. After successfully subduing the terrorist, he goes for his gang and manages to kill all of them. He then goes ahead to detonate the sleeper cells that he was instructed to deactivate.


This is also one of the online Indian movies that are available for streaming. This film surrounds two gentlemen who eventually fall in love twins. They undergo through a lot of problems before settling down to marry them. Despite the sex addiction that is also portrayed, the film ends with the twins abandoning their tools of trade.


This is also a film that you can watch with your family. It’s true to say that it is one of the online Indian films. The cast, as well as their performance, is outstanding. Yadav manages to move the film to a lot new level with the manner in which he introduces humor. They mix humor and sarcasm in a unique that appeals to their audience. If you haven’t watched this film, give it a trial.


Sultan is an excellent online Indian movie. It is also acted in the Hindi language. The performance portrayed here is what can be referred to as a tremendous performance. The producers of this film did an outstanding performance in the manner in which the actors are described. Salman passes through thick and thin to become one of best wrestlers.

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