Heartbeat — The pulse on user satisfaction in Firefox
Matt Grimes

I can tell you what i think about recent direction of changes in Firefox without heartbeat. I realy hate when I see features copied form google chrome one-to-one (DevTools). Firebug was better than devtools. I realy hate when i can’t use my favorite add-ons and full themes, because people which made them are saying that with new API is imposible to get full functionalities of old add-ons and they do not have time and willingness to rewrite it because Mozilla showed them a middle finger. I really hate when i am forcing to install features that i am not using and then uninstall them only because Mozilla bought them and is thinking that it is useful (Pocket) and is putting them in to core of browser. I realy hate when i am seeing that Firefox Developers from being innovative are only capable to copy things which are invented by others. Sory guys but after all that years (yes, since Phoenix times) i am migrating to s h i t t y chrome opera beacuse i am disapointed by this what Firefox is becoming and beacause i don’t have other options.

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